Thursday, December 1 2022

With the aim of providing premium automotive services, Alfardan Commercial, a subdivision of Alfardan Automotive Division, has recently launched its latest e-commerce platform,, which will allow all customers to access to a multitude of automotive spare parts. products, such as tires, lubricants, batteries and other car care services and products.
The launch came in line with Alfardan Commercial’s digitization plans, which will see the company ease the process of offering customers their own brand of premium automotive services and products.
“I’m thrilled with the results and fascinated by how quickly the team took it from an idea to the actual launch. Being one of the best car aftermarket dealers in the State of Qatar, it was very important to adapt equivalent fidelity, dexterity and attractive design to the customer-oriented website to accurately reflect the services and products we supply,” Shambil said. Basit, General Manager, Alfardan Commercial.
He said: “Our goal is to make our services ever more accessible to our customers. Digitization in retail is a key pillar, and the culture of shopping online has grown to such an extent that we need to adhere to our customers’ preferred methods of accessing products and services, and so it is. that we have decided to launch our new e-commerce platform.
Basit said the decision to launch the new e-commerce platform will not impact or change the shopping experience for customers, but will provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience facilitated by steps quick and easy.
“Our new digital platform will offer our customers a set of premium experiences at the highest possible level, which is what Alfardan Commercial has always stood for. The website will provide services and products to customers who prefer to obtain them digitally.
“Alfardan Commercial is also committed to providing its customers with the opportunity to experience the quality of any desired product or service at any location in Qatar, should they wish,” Basit said.
The website is accessible via computers, mobile phones and tablets, and offers many features, such as the creation of your own account, dynamic search engines for all products and services provided, access to promotions of products and discount codes, live chat for all inquiries as they arise and immediate customer support, access to all tires by tire size and vehicle type, and much Moreover.
The e-commerce platform will be available in Arabic and English to reach a wider customer base and allow all customers from different walks of life to have a smooth shopping experience without the need to translate the website and reduce transaction rates. rebound or improve conversion.
Through the website, customers will also be able to access Alfardan Commercial’s “Adjustment and Repair Service”, which has been designed to provide them with express and premium services at any designated location or at home.
Customers will also be able to inquire about the service online and make an appointment. The customer service team will then contact customers by phone to schedule the visit according to their schedule. The service van will then be sent to the desired location.
Basit said: “We believe the website will be instrumental in promoting our ‘Fit and Fix’ service and introducing it to a set of new customers who prefer to engage with us digitally. Our new e-commerce platform has been designed to facilitate the experience of our customers and we believe that customers will be able to receive a smooth, uncompromising and excellent Alfardan Commercial service.
Alfardan Commercial was established in 2013 and has gone through many stages of development since its inception. Alfardan Commercial works in direct partnership with the most distinguished brands in the industry to provide its customers with the most premium services available on the market, as well as superior products.
The company also maintains close ties with manufacturers to ensure that its services are constantly improved and improved, to exceed its own expectations and meet its own high standards, to help achieve customer satisfaction.
Alfardan Commercial takes extreme measures to ensure that the most specific requirements of all automotive aftermarket companies and independent businesses are met. It is also committed to providing all necessary training to its employees to develop their knowledge of its growing list of products and expand their expertise to improve their ability to help these independent businesses so that they can thrive in a changing environment. fast characterized by competition. and rapid and changing developments.
Alfardan Commercial offers various products in the Qatar region. Its collection of brands includes leading multinational companies, such as Continental, a manufacturer of safe and efficient tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles; Castrol, a leading manufacturer of premium lubricating oils and greases; FIAMM, manufacturer and distributor of automotive and industrial starter batteries; YIGIT AKU, which is a leading battery investment company in Turkey; PLATIN, a battery brand of YIGIT AKU, which provides solutions for automotive and industrial battery needs; Glasurit, the leading brand in the sector of refinish coatings for passenger cars and commercial vehicles; and Exide, the premier manufacturer and supplier of lead-acid batteries to automotive manufacturers for over 100 years.


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