Thursday, December 1 2022

A big company like Amazon or Flipkart kicked off the Diwali festive season.

Amazon Flipkart is running a festive Diwali Season Sale where you can see huge discounts on all items. In the Diwali season, there is a shopping craze among the general public. The same big giant like Amazon Flipkart, like every year, creates excitement in the market by the size of its attractive offers. At present, where people prefer to shop online rather than offline, the competition in the offline market is intensifying. You book it online and it is easily delivered directly to your home. An e-commerce company gives you a huge discount on every retail item over 40%. After the execution of the offer, the demand for mobiles, laptops, games, clothes, etc., is increasing a lot online. Nowadays, the general public shops openly.

SBI, HDFC and Kotak Mahindra Bank offer a 10% cashless discount on their credit cards.

Major banks in the country such as SBI, HDFC, Kotak Bank, etc. are offering a 10% discount on online shopping in the Diwali holiday season. For this reason, customers will get direct benefits. You get a discount of up to 40%, but at the same time those who use credit cards will get another 10%. For this reason, the market demand has increased further. Diwali is considered the biggest festival of the year in India. where people of all classes do a lot of shopping these days. Therefore, discounts are given everywhere for a few days. Where the market is going through a recession, the same festive season of Diwali will play a big role in this.

Inflation increased considerably in September to a rate of 10.2%.

The record inflation of the last 6 months crossed 10.2%. To understand this meaning, India experienced the biggest recession in the month of September. Inflation below 6 is considered acceptable. Many reasons are believed to be behind this. The Russian-Ukrainian war is the reason why this year is considered a big reason. The policy put in place by the Indian government has not proved effective so far. Inflation is increasing day by day in India. For this reason, questions arise again and again about the government. Amid such inflation and market volatility, the Diwali season might be able to sustain part of the economy for a few days. Within the government, the Minister of Finance, Sita Raman, affirms that in the next budget, new measures will be taken taking into account inflation. Experts believe that the Indian economy is trading at the highest level of inflation on record.

India’s 19-month export growth was weakest in September.

Due to the continuous fall in India, its effects are felt everywhere. According to research, September has the lowest export rate ever. In 19 months, the least export occurred from India. This clearly shows the effect of the recession. The impact is most visible on the retail trade, the textile industry and the goods industry. We understand that this is the reason why people have a great impact on work.


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