Thursday, December 8 2022
  • By Chiu Chun-fu and William Hetherington/staff reporter, with a staff editor

The Criminal Investigations Bureau on Saturday urged people to be careful when shopping online, citing a high number of fraud cases targeting online shoppers last year.

The highest number of cases, 940, were among customers of retailer Eslite Bookstore, he said.

Other retailers with a high number of fraud cases include ET Mall with 868 cases, Shopee Taiwan Co with 500 cases, Jealousness Classics with 358 cases and Kingstone Book Co with 324 cases.

Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations

“The suspects hack e-commerce platforms and steal customer data. They then call the client to tell them there was a system error involving their payment,” the office said in a statement. “They then ask the customer to go to an ATM to transfer funds to a specified bank account.”

To address the issue, the bureau said it sends weekly notices to retailers with at least five reported cases reminding them to be vigilant against cyberattacks.

It also asks them to complete self-assessments on the steps they are taking to combat the problem.

Retailers whose customers are being targeted by fraudsters are asked to put notices on their websites reminding customers not to disclose personal information to unknown sources and to call the company’s customer service if suspicious activity or have questions about their accounts. .

Retailers should also ensure their customer service lines are available until 10 p.m., he said.

Investigations into recent fraud cases are ongoing, the bureau said, adding that updates can be accessed through its 165 and Internet Scam anti-fraud hotline, as well as its anti-fraud website, its page Facebook and its mobile phone application.

“The bureau will continue to audit the information security measures taken by online retailers, provide relevant technical support and require retailers to strengthen personal data protections,” he said.

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