Wednesday, September 21 2022

Weekends mean downtime. After a full week of working to meet deadlines, everyone needs a break to relax and recuperate. Whether it’s watching a favorite web series or planning a vacation, weekends are designated as time for family and me. Gaurav Dagaonkar, co-founder and CEO of, talks to BrandWagon Online about his weekend getaways, his favorite vacation destination and more.

What is one thing you like to do when you’re not working?

I read, watch movies or play with my daughter.

How do you spend your weekends?

Saturdays are usually for work and Sundays for family. It is important for me to recharge my batteries. So, late, I go out with my daughter and my wife for lunch or for long car trips. Sometimes we also go to Crossword to check out books. I really try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to disconnect from work on Sundays.

What are your favorite gadgets?

I like to read and if I don’t have a book in its physical form, it is most likely present on my Samsung S7+ tab.

Music-wise, I love my AKG C414 mic. I got it four years ago and it suits my voice very well. Logic Pro is my favorite digital audio workstation. I usually spend time playing around with beats and recording myself singing.

I’m also someone who likes to listen to music through different speakers and headphones to understand mixing and sound layering. My favorite monitors are made by Genelec and I have them in my home studio and now also have a pair in our office studio.

I’m also a sucker for good quality headphones that don’t cost much. I love listening to music through these devices to get a layman’s perspective on how the audio sounds. I recently bought an old Sony CD player and tried to play music on it. If it sounds good on that, then the headphones are really good, whatever the price.

Also shout out to Aman Gupta who has made leaps and bounds with Boat. In fact, I always have a pair in my bag. Excellent value. I also like Deciwood, a great value proposition when it comes to speakers.

If you could choose any other career, what would it be?

I would have loved to be a cricketer. In fact, I wanted to be one for a long time. I’m still quite passionate about the sport. There’s just something special about being on the pitch. I was a fast left arm bowler and loved starting with the new ball.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I really enjoyed the vacation we took in Norway. I would also like to visit the Netherlands; I have family over there. In terms of places we frequent regularly, I would say Dubai and Sri Lanka. Dubai because I did a lot of concerts there and I have a lot of friends there. I would also say Sri Lanka because I made songs in Sri Lanka and I have a lot of fans there. In fact, before this crisis, I traveled frequently to Sri Lanka.

I also like to go to Kolkata. My in-laws are staying there so it’s always fun to visit and I love the food there.

A TV show, movie, and ad campaign that you highly recommend watching.

I always like Friends. It’s a show that has stood the test of time. You can jump into any episode and enjoy it. From a business perspective, this makes so much sense; you have people watching it every day. The cast, plots, etc. were just perfect in my opinion.

I’m a movie buff and I’ve always watched a lot of movies. In fact, one day I hope to produce a film. One of my favorite movies is Shawshank takeover. There is a certain feeling of prevailing over the odds or the underdog who wins. I watch it from time to time and it’s something that blows my mind every time. Highly recommended! A movie I watched many years ago that had a big impact on me was “Dil Chahta hai.’ Very different topic than the norm and also had amazing music. It was something I could relate to. What I liked about Farhan Akhtar is that he followed his instincts, and the result is something brilliant. I was also impressed by ‘RRR.’ It takes tremendous vision to make a film of the size and scale that it is. It’s one more step towards making a movie in fantastic space. I know how much energy and passion it takes to execute something like this. Sure, a lot of people can think of doing something similar, but executing things and producing a great end product takes a lot of time.

I like the MagicPin announcement we made. It was a great example of instant marketing as a bridge to getting noticed and it did indeed help establish a relatively new brand. When it comes to new TV shows, I also personally like shark tank india. It’s a great example of how to try to be honest with your audience and not just copy an international format.

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