Thursday, December 1 2022

At the regular Muleshoe Town Council meeting on Monday, May 9, community members discussed the possibility of combining the offices of the Heritage Foundation with the offices of the Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ve been discussing this for a few weeks, trying to see what’s doable, what the possibilities are, the pros and cons, and seeing what avenues we can take,” said Scott Miller, president of the Heritage Foundation. a meeting.

Merging the two offices could benefit both organizations in several areas.

“Both organizations are non-profit,” Miller said. “We both need financial help and a manager to help us run the two organizations. We each have our own set of books and two sets of charts.

The idea is that by combining a manager and an office, the two nonprofits could reduce overhead.

“The Chamber promotes local businesses and Muleshoe; the Heritage Foundation preserves local history,” Miller said. “We have a lot of land and buildings to maintain. Like everything, it takes money.

“We have an office at the Centre, a nice office. Moving the Chamber office to the Center would help reduce electricity and cleaning bills. Currently we do not have a manager. If we combine the offices, we will have enough room for clothes and souvenirs, enough room to accommodate them. We have another large building, almost a barn, for storage.

Miller pointed out that moving the House office to the Heritage Foundation would move the office away from red-light traffic.

“The Chamber is located near a train line and on Highway 84, which intersects with Highway 214, a major highway. The Chamber and Pete the Mule are right next to a convenience store. Lots of congestion and not much room to park out front. It takes away from our tourism,” Miller said. “No one likes change, but a move to the Heritage Center would help make the Center a focal point. People could walk in and out and see what we have to offer. There is a lot of history and tourism that we could promote in one place.

At the board meeting, House Speaker John Villalba said discussions about combining the two offices should be viewed in the context of people who care about Muleshoe, who want to honor the past and make things better. for the next generation.

“When this idea came to the House, we had kind of thought about it a bit. We didn’t have any kind of detailed conversations,” Villalba said.

Villalba said he attended a Heritage Foundation meeting with room manager Brittany Pendley.

“We’ve talked about the idea, but our board hasn’t approved it yet. Once the upcoming projects this next month are complete, we can formalize a better decision. We just want to wait and form a unity between us. I’m not saying there wasn’t, but we want to be transparent because we’re all serving the public. People put us in these positions to be able to make decisions, and we want that all the different entities that will be involved in this kind of decision are on the same wavelength.

During the meeting, questions of who owns the property on which the House office sits and who owns Pete the Mule were raised. City Manager Ramon Sanchez said the Chamber office is on city property. The Underwood Law Firm is reviewing the rental agreement, which is also publicly available.

“One of the things we really want people to understand is that this is in no way a discussion about forgetting everything that has been done in the past,” Villalba said. “These are a few ideas and plans that somehow honor the people who put them in place to begin with, and by the way to think of the people who pass by, whether they are travelers, businessmen or owners , whatever they are.”


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