Thursday, December 1 2022

WATERTOWN, NY (WWTI) – Bookstores are coming back to the North.

The Little Book Store, located on Riverside Drive in Clayton, New York, is expanding. In just over a week, it will be opening a second location at Washington Street Plaza in Watertown.

The store is owned by Rebecca Kinnie, a resident of Clayton, and her husband who opened the independent bookstore in 2020.

Although Kinnie said the Clayton store has received positive feedback from the community, the new store will aim to reach more readers in Jefferson County.

“The community just embraced us and I have met so many wonderful authors, so many wonderful readers,” Kinnie said. “But we realize we’re a little far from a lot of people in Jefferson County who still haven’t had a bookstore.”

As an avid reader herself, Kinnie said independent bookstores like the Little Book Store aim to be a “voice of the community,” as well as highlight local authors.

The Clayton location is currently only open three seasons a year, typically closing on New Years Eve. However, the Watertown location will serve the community year round.

“The reason we opened in the first place was because there wasn’t a bookstore in Jefferson County, New York, and we felt it very keenly,” Kinnie explained. “So we opened the store and I just want to be able to offer it to people who haven’t been here. “

Watertown’s tiny bookstore is scheduled to open on Washington Street on Black Friday, November 26.


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