Thursday, December 1 2022

On Sunday, Congress denounced to the Center a proposal to rationalize rates under the GST to increase revenues, alleging that the government was acting in a “deceptive, questionable and covert manner” with the people, especially the middle class.

The attack on Congress followed a media report which said that as part of a proposal to streamline rates under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime to boost revenue, the GST Board, the governing body of the indirect tax system, sought opinions from states for hiking tariffs on 143 items.

Of those 143 items, 92% are proposed to be moved from the 18% tax bracket to the top 28% tax bracket, according to the report.

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Hitting the government on the issue, Congress Spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said something like this hits the common man who is crushed and it hits the middle class who are often forgotten by everyone.

“Remember this is 92% of a long list of 143 items and these items include jaggery, ‘pappad’, handbags, suitcases, color televisions under 32″ , nuts, chewing gum, chocolates and custard powder. I do I see no method in the madness. I see no logic or justification for pushing them into the higher categories,” said the leader of Congress.

“You have to see these issues in context, you’re hopefully towards the end of Covid but you’re recovering from Covid. You can’t forget Covid… You hit them (people) on the left, at right and center with 14.5% WPI (Wholesale Price Inflation), you hit them with an even worse retail price inflation of 7.5% Now you’re hitting them in the solar plexus with the proposed TPS to increase 120 to 125 items at a slab of 28% GST,” Singhvi said.

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This government is above all “treacherous, cunning and terrible” and it is “deceitful, dubious and concealed”, he alleged.

The government does not care or care about truth, consistency, honesty and candor, Singhvi said.

“We condemn above all such behavior of duplicity with the common man,” he said.

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