Wednesday, September 21 2022

Just over half of those who took both parts of the general bar exam in Florida passed, according to results published by the Florida Supreme Court Monday.

The general bar exam has two parts. Part A includes the Florida portion of the exam, while Part B includes the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). Completion of both parts includes the overall method.

Of the 2,794 candidates for the global method, 51% passed. Of the 186 candidates who took only Part A, 55% passed, while only 36% of the 102 candidates who took only Part B passed.

The Supreme Court has approved 1,417 applicants for admission to the Florida bar. This number does not represent all successful applicants, as investigations into the character and fitness of some, required for admission to the Florida bar, are still ongoing.

Induction ceremonies will take place on October 12.

Among first-time bar exam takers, almost 65% passed, or 1,432 out of a total of 2,794 takers.

Graduates of Florida International University College of Law performed best on the exam, with over 81% achieving passing grades.

The students of Florida Coastal School of Law had the lowest success rate at just under 31%.

The pass rates for the other schools are as follows:

— University of Florida School of Law: 78.7%

– Florida State University School of Law: 74.9%

— University of Miami School of Law: 72%

— Ave Maria Law School: 71.4%

— Stetson University Law School: 64%

— St. Thomas University College of Law: 60.5%

— Nova Southeastern University College of Law: 54.4%

— Non-Florida law schools: 53.6%

– Florida A&M University School of Law: 52.6%

— Barry University School of Law: 49.2%

The results mirror the results of the July 2022 General Bar Examination, which was held July 26-27 in Tampa.

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