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Led by digital reform, Hangzhou has established itself as the “new e-commerce capital”, focusing on expanding e-commerce industry ecology, building a new industrial chain system , the establishment of a comprehensive factor guarantee system, and the promotion of the development of e-commerce industry with high quality. The total scale and development level of Hangzhou’s e-commerce industry has consistently led among all provinces in China, with a long-term double-digit growth rate of online retail sales.

Cross-border e-commerce is a new type of commerce with rapid development, strong potential and strong driving effects. Hangzhou has set up China’s first comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, which has a favorable foundation for foreign trade development, a mature supply chain and ecosystem. As a series of experiments and mature practices such as “six systems and two platforms” have been replicated and extended to the whole country, Hangzhou has become a hotbed of innovation and development for the cross-border e-commerce.

Explorations in Hangzhou Aiming to Create First-Class Global Cross-Border E-Commerce

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On March 7, 2015, the State Council approved the establishment of the China (Hangzhou) comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, which is the first comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone in China.

On June 13, 2019, Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, who investigated cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou, fully affirmed the work of Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Zone and demanded that Hangzhou build the first trade city. cross-border electronics. trade in China and progress in the world.

On July 1, 2021, the establishment of China (Hangzhou) comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zone was incorporated into 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party. And the Hangzhou Global Pilot Zone was ranked first in China in the assessment of the 2021 Cross-border E-commerce Global Pilot Zone by the Ministry of Commerce.

The first

The Hangzhou Global Pilot Zone first creates the 9610 export and 1210 import supervision method of cross-border e-commerce, which has been promoted nationwide.

The cross-border e-commerce experience with “six systems and two platforms” as the core has been promoted to another 131 cross-border e-commerce pilot zones across China.

Three batches of 113 innovative initiatives were promoted nationwide.

Optimal ecology

The volume of cross-border e-commerce transactions in Hangzhou has almost quintupled; the number of cross-border e-commerce sellers has increased from 3,500 in 2015 to 48,265 in 2021.

By the end of 2021, there were 411 cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises with a scale of RMB 20 million or more, 2,085 trademarks registered, 22 cross-border e-commerce enterprises worth more than RMB 100 million US dollars and 1,063 cross-border e-commerce service providers. More than 100 cross-border e-commerce brand activities have taken place every year.

295 overseas warehouses cover major trading countries, and 18 international freight routes are operated regularly. The annual cross-border collection amount of payment institutions is about RMB 500 billion, covering more than one million market players.

Compilation of a series of books on basic education in cross-border e-commerce and establishment of a multi-level talent cultivation system in cross-border e-commerce with universities and society. And 86,000 cross-border e-commerce talents have been trained every year.

It owns the world’s largest B2B platform Alibaba International Station, the world’s second largest B2C platform AliExpress and the world’s fifth largest B2C platform Lazada. It has cooperated with Alibaba and Google to implement the “G100 Sailing Plan” and the “Ten Hundred Thousand Plan” to strengthen the platform economy and Hangzhou Brand Sailing.

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