Dr. Tommy Curry takes on the BLM network: 5 takeaways

Dr Tommy Curry is considered one of the most prolific American pedigree philosophers, so when he has an opinion on race relations, people listen. Recently he faced Black Lives Matter.

Critical race theory is an area of ​​specialization for Dr. Curry, whose research focuses on the experience of black men. Raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he is a professor of African philosophy and black male studies at the University of Edinburgh in the UK In 2018, Dr Curry won an American Book Award for his book “The Man-Not: Race, Class, Gender, and Black Manhood Dilemmas. “

After making comments about racial violence in 2012 that were misquoted by a Conservative website, Dr Curry received death threats. “Being attacked online by white supremacists stains you in a way,” he said. He decided to leave the United States and take up the teaching post in Scotland.

Founded in 2013, Black Lives Matter (BLM) gained worldwide recognition during the protests against the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police in May 2020. Founded by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, BLM has raised dozens of millions of dollars. Garza and Tometi have left the movement and Cullors recently resigned as executive director of the foundation following close scrutiny over the lack of transparency in BLM’s funding and revenues as well as its purchases of several expensive homes. Cullors has a production contract with Warner Bros. and appeared in a television commercial for Cadillac.

The BLM movement has had some bright spots – many cities have pledged to look at police reform, various companies have pledged to increase diversity, and other civil rights organizations have seen an increase in donations. .

Yet, according to Dr. Curry, no one has examined BLM in depth. He recently spoke about it in a video posted to Twitter.

Here are five takeaways from Dr. Curry’s observations on BLM.

1. No questions asked

According to Curry, BLM operated without being questioned about its motives or inner workings.

“Why don’t we ask the same questions of BLM that we would ask any other rep,” Dr Curry said. “Do you have the best interests of the people you claim to represent at heart? Are your policies and practices benefiting the poor black working class you claim to represent? Has your action over the past six or seven years led to a decrease in mortality in these populations? “

2. Live it

Curry said the lifestyle of BLM leaders should be looked at.

“I see Cadillac ads, Warner Bros., someone just bought million dollar houses. These are black women who do not represent the poor black women… let alone the poor black men. We must ask ourselves why are these leaders being rewarded? “

3. In bed with white liberals

Curry asked: Can politically connected community leaders really help poor black people? “We have a whole class of people who work for nonprofits who are in bed with white liberals, who receive funding and have ties to the Democratic party and platform, and we are not raising any questions. on their leadership? People getting richer, buying million dollar houses. No one has… exiled these women… we have become insensitive to asking questions, ”he said.

4. Where is the help for victims of police brutality?

“How is it possible that poor black men die and are killed by cops and the people who represent them in white society become millionaires, signing deals with Warner Bros.” and Cadillac, and nobody finds that suspicious? Curry asked.

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5. Uncontrolled and dangerous

Unchecked civil rights groups can spiral out of control, Curry said.

“It tells us something about our own political engagement, that we can look at this dynamic, wanting to castigate people who are dead, shot… and at the same time, celebrate these people – who are not even from the poor community – when they get deals from millionaires, ”he observed. “So the BLM must be viewed with suspicion, must be analyzed, debated. I’m not saying you have to be totally negative and castigate the whole organization. But we are not even allowed to ask basic questions… ”

He concluded: “I think the BLM is very dangerous, not in the sense that it failed – I don’t think it failed completely – but because it was not challenged.”

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