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SINGAPORE, November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 in 2020, it has had a serious impact on economic activities. According to the World Bank, global GDP Shrunk 3.6% YoY in 2020, a new low since data became available. During the previous global financial crisis, the global economy shrank by only 1.7% in the most difficult year of 2009. pretty dark.”

The impact of the pandemic varies across different industries. Consumers have reduced their consumption per contact to reduce the risk of infection, but online activities have increased significantly. Online shopping, social media and entertainment have replaced entertainment and business activities that require close contact. This type of digitization has fostered the further development of the digital economy.

Social isolation measures during the pandemic have made e-commerce flourish. In 2020, the global pandemic will spread rapidly. Social isolation and other pandemic prevention measures introduced by various countries will force some physical stores to close. Consumers will turn to online shopping to meet their needs. According to UNCTAD statistics, the share of global online retail sales in total retail sales will rise from 16% to 19% in 2020. The rise of the digital economy under the pandemic also foreshadows the arrival of a new wave of wealth. Easy Buy (WEB3.0 streaming multimedia e-commerce aggregation platform), established in Singapore, took the trend and tried to use streaming media as a cone of destruction. Guided by the WEB3.0 concept, it used blockchain technology to create a pan-entertainment trading system so that global users could experience innovation and subversion in the consumption process.

Easy Buy brings together global high technology Creates a new prosperity of the international digital economy

Easy Buy, founded in Singapore, is an emerging WEB3.0 streaming media e-commerce aggregation platform focusing on “WEB3.0 + full category e-commerce + film industry chain digital transformation + blockchain technology + meta universe + cloud storage + green supply chain”. Easy Buy will build a business ecosystem based on the underlying technologies of the meta-universe, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), which has many functions, such as 3D display of goods, interaction real-time simultaneous, payment and transaction, comprehensive services, promotion and sharing on the Internet, and provides consumers with an “immersive shopping experience”. In Easy Buy Mall, in addition to the existing Internet shopping functions, the four main differentiating advantages are 3D display and personalized product customization, VR tape viewing, AR placement and simultaneous interaction.

Easy Buy is a new e-commerce platform founded by Easy Buy E-commerce PTE. LTD. in Singapore. At the beginning of the development of the platform, it was established in a strategic partnership with the best e-commerce companies in the world – Ebay Company in United StatesOtto Group in Germanyand Vega in Japan. At the same time, the founding team members of Easy Buy are all top talents in the field of global e-commerce. They have many years of e-commerce operation and management experience. They have made certain achievements which have promoted the development of the global e-commerce industry to some extent.

As one of the emerging e-commerce platforms in SingaporeEasy Buy Mall has branches and operation centers in Japan, Europe and United States. As a world-renowned financial center, Singapore is the most inclusive country in digital economic policies. Easy Buy undertakes, in accordance with that of Singapore political orientations of openness and inclusiveness of the digital economy, promote Easy Buy to carry out corresponding business in all regions of the world in compliance with regulations. The European and American subsidiaries rely on HollywoodBroadway and other leading film and drama production bases to provide seamless services for Easy Buy’s streaming entertainment media industry ecology, including but not limited to: producers of films, film distributors, actors, shooting scenes, etc. Japan, as the world famous cradle of anime culture, has a full set of industrial 2D/3D original painting production lines. Easy Buy will soon launch a global online business and will be the first to land in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Regions! Easy Buy will surely gather global high-tech and create new prosperity in the international digital economy!

Easy Buy offers users a immersive customer experience economic and commercial digital ecosystem

Easy Buy will launch its official website on the PC side and its IOS and Android applications on the mobile side. According to the technical team’s internal test information, the development of the Easy Buy apps has been completed. The overall operation is smooth, and the UI effect is clean and concise. Version 1.0 of the Easy Buy apps will launch five main functions:

(1) Merchandise Area: Easy Buy collects global good stuff for every user. Merchandise categories include books, movies and television, digital electronics, computers, household gardening products, toys, baby products, food, apparel, footwear and jewelry, health and personal care, sporting and outdoor products, toys, automobiles and industrial products. Realize the service concept of “better satisfy consumers’ pursuit of a better life”;

(2) Movie ticket pre-sale and urgent purchase area: there are all kinds of popular movies to be launched in the world, and users can choose “reservation” and “urgent purchase”. Users can pre-purchase and get special benefits and rewards;

(3) SocialFi: Easy Buy supports the social function of the app. Users can create their own unique “business cards” in the app – scan code or enter account number to add friends – send messages – send red packets of digital assets – support transactions/ transfers and other transactions;

(4) Movie Ticket Listing Area: Users can view their movie tickets which have been listed on this page;

(5) “My” interface, where users can view their purchases, movie ticket sales, portfolio functions, commission rebates, promotion fission details and other information.

In addition to the use of features, Easy Buy apps are more attractive to users and have certain features and advantages, showing the analysis of the eight distinctive advantages of the Easy Buy platform:

1. Empowering Web3.0 Green Applications: It is committed to building the world’s most valuable blockchain + token economy consumer ecosystem and optimizes traditional production relationships in a decentralized manner so that global consumers can build the sharing, sharing the dividends and sharing the wealth. In the future, Easy Buy will use VR+AR technology to realize 3D display of goods, real-time simultaneous interaction, payment and transaction, and comprehensive services in the Metauniverse Experience Hall;

2. Product traceability throughout the supply chain: Easy Buy’s ecology is constantly improving. In film distribution, commodity pre-sale, social media, cross-border trade, supply chain, cloud logistics, etc., Easy Buy will continue to play a greater role. At the same time, Easy Buy uses the technical characteristics of blockchain (information can be traced and information cannot be tampered with) to upload product information to the chain to ensure product safety and traceability. ;

3. DAO Multi-Value Community: The Easy Buy Community takes decentralization of values ​​at the heart of its core ideology and will be committed to building a diverse DAO community through “decentralization” and self-reliance. All community benefits are shared by community members;

4. Realization of SocialFi traffic: Every user of Easy Buy can become an ambassador for the promotion of the platform, and users can fully realize their contacts and resources!

5. Multi-income consumption appreciation: Buy any product in Easy Buy Mall, generate mining behavior and get Easy Buy EBT certificate. Users are both investors and traders. They can not only invest, but also earn consensus value. Here, users can not only buy high quality and inexpensive products, but also earn great value. They can get extra rewards when buying goods in Easy Buy Mall. As long as they or they recommend friends, they or they can also earn contribution rewards;

6. Green incentives accessible to all: Easy Buy is suitable for all groups, whether they are housewives, office workers, students or people who choose their work independently. Invite and share friends, promote with rewards and help participants with “light entrepreneurship”;

7. Funds ensure transaction security: Easy Buy adopts dual-system consumption payment method (cash or token) to ensure user security and efficiency for each consumption;

8. The intelligent algorithm is open and transparent: The core technology of the Easy Buy blockchain, the management of the mall is open and transparent, and the cost of governance is greatly reduced. Users are encouraged to participate in the DAO. The owners and the mode of operation of the community will achieve the transformation from centralized management to centralized governance.

Easy Buy Mall is about to shine. Joining Easy Buy right now is your free ticket to digital wealth! In the future, Easy Buy will evolve into a new business model that integrates online consumer entertainment services, digital transformation of the film industry, WEB3.0 infrastructure and user communities. It will create a sustainable development ecosystem and distribute benefits according to value inputs. It will truly serve the public, benefit society, and create a new win-win situation.

Company: Easy Buy E-commerce PTE.LTD.
Contact person: TAN YONG TAT
Email: [email protected]
Town: Singapore
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #12 03 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore

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