Thursday, December 1 2022

For the past five years, Fearless Commerce has provided Black women-owned businesses in Minnesota with key strategies to navigate the path to success.

Now, Shawntera M. Hardy and Camille A. Thomas celebrate their own achievements by marking their fifth anniversary.

The dynamic team has also released the fifth edition of its fearless trade coffee table book, the largest ever, recognizing more than 150 black women-owned businesses across multiple industries to date.

“Shawntera and I came up with the idea for the book one day while discussing the latest edition of a local business magazine’s ‘best’ list, shocked at all the amazing business owners who had been left behind. aside,” Thomas said.

“Given our business experience and our network, we were positioned to create a space to share the stories of these incredible women.”

To celebrate their fifth year, the team hosted a luncheon in Minneapolis with the Genius Guild’s Catherine FinneyPDG, who provided a wealth of knowledge on strategies for accessing capital and expressed his commitment to investing in Black-owned businesses.

(Image: Courtesy of Fearless Commerce)

“Fearless Commerce is focused on accelerating business growth by offering ‘back-office’ programs in areas such as law, marketing and finance,” said Hardy, who noted that many women Blacks are starting new businesses, but far fewer are running mature businesses. .

Hardy and Thomas find that lack of maturity is often due to systemic racial, financial, and/or operational barriers that get in the way. The founders of Fearless say they are committed to changing the narrative by continuing to provide support to black women along their journey of creating businesses.

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