Thursday, December 1 2022
Disclosure papers for Barrett — the newest member of the court — show she received a $425,000 advance from literary agent Javelin Group, which has represented some of Washington’s most prominent figures, like the former FBI Director James Comey and former House Speaker John Boehner in book negotiations.
Gorsuch – who wrote a wide-reaching book called “A Republic, If You Can Keep It” in 2019 – received $250,000 from publishing company HarperCollins last year, according to his form. Revenues are listed as “book royalties”. but Politico reported Thursday that the amount was an advance for a new judicial and regulatory policy book.
Javelin, who would also represent Gorsuch, did not respond to CNN’s inquiry into his and Barrett’s disclosures. Neither HarperCollins nor Sentinel, the publisher that allegedly published the Barrett project, responded to CNN’s inquiry. The Supreme Court’s public information office also did not respond.

Other members of the court have recently written books for which they received income last year, according to their disclosures. Judge Sonia Sotomayor received more than $115,000 in book royalties from Penguin Random House, which has published several children’s books through the justice system. Justice Stephen Breyer last year received $7,814.21 in royalties from the publishing house, which published his 2021 book on the importance of an independent tribunal.


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