Thursday, September 29 2022

This weekend, we’re thinking about morality in the age of social media. According to writer Dan Brooks, we’re good at pointing out where the good is lacking, but we’ve forgotten how to be good people. Next, Yale professor Jing Tsu tells us how China standardized its complex 80,000-character language into something that could fit on a keyboard. It wasn’t easy, but it helped make the country the global digital superpower it is today.

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Links and mentions of the episode:

– FT Magazine article by Dan Brooks, “What we need now that social media has completely weaponized morality”:

–The dreaded tweet that inspired Dan’s article:

–Jing’s book is called character kingdom. The FT review is here:

– Jing’s 2020 article for the FT, “Why science fiction might be the secret weapon in China’s soft-power arsenal”:

–Dan Brooks is on Twitter @dangerbrooksand Jing Tsu is at @tsu_jing.

–Tech Tonic Season 3, about the US/China tech race, is available now. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or at

–Selected coverage of the war in Ukraine is free to read at


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