Thursday, September 29 2022

DALLAS (KDAF) – Modern technology gets a bad press and we understand. With the number of screens we have at our fingertips, many of us feel overwhelmed and fatigued by prolonged screen time.

This has caused some people to pick up the habit of reading, and if you’re looking to do it yourself, North Texas has plenty of resources for you.

We wanted to highlight one such Interabang Books resource. It’s a bookstore in Dallas located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane. Whether you’re an avid reader or looking to kick back the habit of reading, officials say they have some great books to put on the list.

Interabang Books is more than a bookstore, however. Store owners say what really excites them is the pursuit of knowledge and the excitement of discovery. Reading books isn’t just something to pass the time, it’s an intellectually stimulating experience made to spark interest in knowing more about the world.

“Interabang Books gets its name from the symbol that combines a question mark (an interrogative) and an exclamation point (a bang, in typesetting lingo),” officials said on their website.

If this got you excited and you want to know more about what they offer, visit Interabang Books Online.


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