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Amazon sends emails to owners of older Kindle models, notifying them that their e-readers will soon lose access to the e-book store.

Older Amazon’s Kindle devices will soon lose access to Amazon’s eBook store. This means that the convenience of browsing and ordering new e-books from some Kindle e-readers will no longer be possible. This diminishes the value of the device and will make long-time owners unhappy. However, Amazon has offered some compensation for the difficulty in working things out with those early customers.

Amazon launched the Kindle over 14 years ago in November 2007. Its first e-reader was an immediate success, selling out quickly to buyers who might have been intrigued by previous products but drawn in by the ease and accessibility of Amazon’s solution. At the time of its launch, the Kindle included access to an extensive library of over 88,000 digital books. The Kindle’s instant, hassle-free access and paperback size offered an attractive alternative to smaller smartphones and oversized tablets. It was perfect for reading and the screen was viewable in direct sunlight.


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After many years of supporting very old Kindle devices, Amazon will make changes to its e-book store that will prevent access for Kindle e-readers 10 years and older. According to a recent Reddit post by u/fuelvoltsan email has been sent by Amazon advising that this change will take place on August 17, 2022. Affected devices are Kindle (Second Generation) International, Kindle DX International, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (Fourth Generation) and the Kindle (fifth generation).

Can you still buy books on older Kindles?

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These old Kindle devices will continue to function as e-readers and Amazon does not disable any other functions beyond access to the e-book store. Additionally, eBooks can still be ordered and delivered to these eReaders. It just means that browsing and ordering has to be done on another device. It can be a computer, smartphone or tablet. Most people have access to another device, and it’s usually easier to browse Amazon’s eBook store on a faster device. While reading is slow and even decade-old technology can handle the task of displaying text with ease, shopping works better on newer devices with larger screens.

To entice older Kindle users to upgrade to a newer model, Amazon has included a promotional code to save 30% on the purchase of a new Kindle and a $40 e-book credit for a limited time. . The promotional code appears in the email and is only valid for owners of eligible Kindle devices. The Amazon’s Kindle The offer is valid until July 5, 2022 and seems like a reasonable way to help the owner of a very old Kindle upgrade for less.

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Source: u/fuelvolts/Reddit

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