Thursday, December 1 2022

MT. VERNON, Ill. (WSIL) — A thrift store that helps the homeless is set to receive a donation to repair its building and possibly expand it.

A Kingdom of Treasures opened in August 2020 and moved to its current location in October of the same year. The store inside sells items like clothes and books, with all proceeds going to help the homeless.

Inside there is also a shower for the homeless and a room where they can have their hair cut. Homeless residents or those just released from prison can come to the building and use these services if they need them, says founder Dale Vaughn.

Vaughn says the store will receive a $1,500 donation next month to help with homelessness. Vaughn says that will go into installing insulation in parts of the building.

“Our warehouse is where our resale store is and it’s very porous, so we really need to do some insulation there to make it more shopper-friendly,” Vaughn said.

The money will also go into a potential expansion project, Vaughn says. The group applied to become a food distribution center but their application is still being processed.

“The big warehouse is going to be the next big thing because then we’re going to put in a kitchen where we can actually feed people,” Vaughn said.

The Elks Lodge in Mt. Vernon will present the check to the group next month.


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