[Hackers] Taiwan CDC Tricked By “Vendetta” Hackers Into Data Theft Campaign; Australian websites sold on the Dark Web

A group of hackers called Vendetta recently impersonated the Taiwan CDC in a data theft campaign. According to CyberscoopAccording to Taiwan’s latest report, Taiwan’s Most Infected Disease Department was tricked by the group into trying to steal sensitive data from its Taiwanese users, as security researchers reported on Monday, June 15.

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Hacker Group Vendetta Disguised As Taiwan CDC In Data Theft Campaign: Dark Web Sells Australian Websites

Meticulously crafted spear-phishing emails were sent to target groups selected by the hackers, which may have included employees of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The incident was reported by ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity unit of Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica Group.

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The report claimed the incident is a reminder that hackers are focused on impersonating public health authorities and intruding into computer networks during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Some Taiwanese users received emails over the course of a week in early May persuading them to take further coronavirus tests. Users were unaware that a remote hacking tool, capable of hacking webcams and stealing login credentials, was attached to the malicious email.

“The type of tools and the targets selected indicate they are looking for intelligence, primarily government intelligence,” said Miguel Angel de Castro, threat intelligence analyst at Elevenpaths. He said it is still unclear how the phishing campaign succeeded.

Hacking incidents are increasing; Dark Web Selling Australian Websites

Vendetta has only surfaced in the past two months. The researchers said that hackers are adept at impersonating multiple languages ​​of authorities. In their attempts to install hacking tools remotely on the machines of their victims, the hackers posed as heads of agencies in Austria, Australia and Romania, as the Chinese company reported in May. of Qihoo 360 cybersecurity.

Hacker Group Vendetta Disguised As Taiwan CDC In Data Theft Campaign: Dark Web Sells Australian Websites

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Hacker Group Vendetta Disguised As Taiwan CDC In Data Theft Campaign: Dark Web Sells Australian Websites

Qihoo said some of Vendetta’s hacking attempts involved stealing targeted business information.

“This type of group does not carry out massive attacks, but [are] very selective, so the number [of victims] shouldn’t be too high, ”said de Castro Simon after being asked how many Taiwanese users may have been compromised.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Australian websites were being sold on the dark web. According to Financial analysisAccording to the latest report, hundreds of Australian websites are for sale on the dark web, including those of financial services companies, ASX-listed companies, an adult entertainment store, and a company. insurance.

The list of 43,000 hacked servers, which includes Australian websites, is available for sale on the online marketplace Magbo. This is where hackers and cybercriminals sell access to websites for a small amount ranging from $ 1 to $ 10.

“This is an important message to send to Australian companies,” said Andrew Murray, Managing Director of Curve Securities. The Curve, which offers income counseling services, was one of the websites identified by the Australian Financial Review as having been compromised.

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