Thursday, September 29 2022

Here’s how brands can craft the right message to connect with consumers in that happy place to drive additional revenue and long-term loyalty:

Use first-party data to deliver relevant offers

Once brands decide to communicate with consumers at the most relevant time, they need to ensure that every message is clear and to the point and feels like a natural continuation of the shopping conversation. Simply placing an old ad at the end of a transaction won’t be enough to capitalize on buyers’ happy feelings about buying something they’re passionate about or inspire them to act on the offer. Instead, brands should present the most relevant offers for each shopper.

A consumer who has just purchased tickets to see their favorite band, for example, will probably be delighted that they managed to get the tickets – they usually sell out quickly, after all – and will therefore be more open to additional offers on the moment, whether it’s parking for the concert or an attractive offer from a food delivery service. By making these offers at the right time and in the right way, brands can increase revenue by making it easy for consumers to take advantage of offers at a time when they are already satisfied with the purchase.

Connect emotionally, but not on social media

Delivering relevant messaging for each individual shopper isn’t the only way brands can personalize the shopping experience to be highly engaging and effective. Connecting with buyers on an emotional level is the best way to tap into the happiness they will already feel upon confirming their purchase. While many digital marketers seek to engage consumers on social media or news sites, scrolling through these sites can elicit feelings of uncertainty and frustration, feelings contrary to the joy buyers seek. when they make an online purchase. Since emotion is a key factor in decision-making, brands are wise to harness the positive feelings shoppers experience when they complete their transactions by immediately presenting messages that connect with consumers on a higher level. Deeper.

According to the Happiness Research Institute, new experiences form the happiest and strongest memories, so by leading with new messages and offers, brands can make a lasting impression. Likewise, many people feel strong connections to things from their past, so messages involving looking back with nostalgia can be just as powerful.

Express your appreciation with a loyalty reward

Another great way for brands to make sure they take full advantage of the euphoria shoppers feel while shopping is to offer small gestures of thanks. Expressing appreciation to customers through a free offer or reward after a transaction is a great way to build loyalty and increase order frequency and repeat purchases. During the moment of the transaction, customers will take full advantage of online shopping, so they are ready to consider offers that can lead to even more positive experiences, such as buying something else at a reduced price or receiving a free gift.

By making offers more relevant to the individual customer or opening up unique opportunities that will surprise and delight shoppers, brands can create new positive memories that drive repeat purchases and lifetime value.

With today’s rising costs of customer acquisition and increased focus on retention, brands that make the most of the moment of the transaction by delivering additional messages that are highly relevant at that moment will do well. better. Personalization, emotional depth and appreciation are all key to ensuring that brand messaging builds on the positive feelings that come with online shopping and drive consumers to further engage and act on generative offers. additional income.

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