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If you are wondering how to get sales and maximize your online store revenue in 2022, you might want to read this article till the end.

Online marketing has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, with new trends and strategies emerging every second.

Thanks to digital technology, the world has shifted from “offline” to “online”, leading to a highly competitive space with millions of online entrepreneurs vying for the top spots. So, in this dog-eat-dog space, it’s imperative to arm your business with the latest ironclad promotional and marketing strategies.

That said, there’s no better time than now to ditch your outdated promotional tactics and embrace the current marketing gems of 2022 that are sure to drive massive traffic to your online store and boost your revenue. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Whether you are into apparel, fashion, games, software, general merchandise, service provision, etc., there are key common areas you need to target to promote your online store. This includes, but is not limited to:

Now that we have an accurate list, let’s get into the details!

Why Set Up an E-Commerce Platform for Your Small Business

1. Upgrade and improve your online content

When it comes to promoting products and services, content creation is king. Most successful online businesses leverage good quality content to drive traffic to their site and convert visitors into loyal customers. This is called content marketing.

Content marketing gives your brand a voice and a face. It attracts your target audience to your business like bees to honey. With content marketing, your audience, visitors, and potential customers will learn more about your business and form a healthy relationship with your brand.

Content marketing is not just about selling your products and services; it’s the glue that binds your customers to your business. This assures your customers and future customers that you understand their pain points and that you are always ready to solve their problems and meet their deepest needs.

Unlike in the past when content marketing was limited to text such as blogs and social media captions, today there is a myriad of content you can use to put your business on the map and build authority. In 2022, content marketing has evolved to include video and image content such as YouTube content, infographics, and images.

When creating content, you should prioritize quality and useful information. Don’t just deliver random, poorly organized content. Your content should educate, inspire, excite, inform and entertain your audience. Above all, it must address and resolve the pain points of your target customers and audience.

2. Consider email marketing

Your online business can never go wrong with a good email marketing strategy. Make a habit of collecting the email addresses of your customers and prospects. If you are a new store that has just started, organize a pre-launch or launch event and collect as many email addresses and contact details as possible.

Once your store is up and running, send an email letting people on your list know you’re open for business. Constantly exploit these emails with regular and useful updates. Have you just added a new product to your collection? Send mail. Would you like an opinion on a particular service? Send mail. Are you going on vacation at Christmas or New Years? Send mail. In other words, keep the lines of communication open.

Don’t send emails this month and send another in about four months or your customers will lose touch with your brand (which is bad for business). And don’t forget to create a personalized welcome email for each new customer. Even if you’re an old hat who hasn’t taken email marketing seriously, it’s not too late to retrace your steps. You can also hire an email writer or copywriter for good measure!

3. Leverage social media platforms and networking

If you are serious about promoting your online store in 2022, you need to focus on building a strong online presence through the power of social media. Grow your social media channels with engaging videos, vibrant images and irresistible captions. Be sure to post high-quality, well-assembled images and videos.

Prioritize your subtitles; use witty, educational and engaging captions. Let your social media content speak to your target audience and customers. If your content is boring, people will scroll past your offers without a second thought, so get to work. Invest in graphic designers, social media marketers, and influencers to give your social media presence the boost it needs.

For the record, influencer marketing is all the rage in 2022 as most online businesses hire social media influencers to drive traffic and sales to their site. You can also invest in Instagram, Facebook, and Podcast ads to promote your products and services. Although it costs money, it is well worth the pretty penny!

4. Adopt SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained popularity lately and in 2022 it is becoming more relevant. SEO simply means optimizing your content to complement popular terms and phrases that people use to search for businesses, products, and services in your niche.

To get started, optimize your website and blog content for product and service keywords by doing keyword research. For example, if you sell hair care products, some popular keywords might include; hair care products, near hair care products and hair care products at (your location). Also, target page content, Meta tags, and Meta descriptions. Page content includes blog posts, product titles and descriptions, images, and any other content on your site.

Meta tags include title tags (titles) that help search engines understand what a page entails, which improves your brand’s search engine ranking potential. Whereas meta descriptions offer short summaries of each page and its content. SEO can be tricky and complicated, you might want to work with an SEO specialist to get the most out of the digital tool.

5. Use Google Ads

Google is a powerful advertising engine that has contributed to the success and popularity of many online businesses. Google ads have seen revolutionary growth over the past decade. In 2019, the influential search engine documented around 160 billion monthly searches on Google.

Your brand can benefit from Google’s pay-per-click advertising in 2022. With pay-per-click, business owners only pay for what customers click, which is a transparent and fair deal. You can also run targeted campaigns that target your specific target market. It is also quite affordable.

However, there is a lot of competition as many other companies strive for Google’s top spot. But don’t be discouraged, because you just need to be diligent, optimistic, and consistent to get the most out of Google ads.

6. Form meaningful partnerships and collaborations

Few things are as effective as partnerships when it comes to promoting your business online. You can form partnerships with companies that have similar goals and interests to yours, as long as there is no competition.

One way to do this is to look for brands whose products or services have some value for your customers and vice versa. It is important to work with the right partners with common interests and goals. The last thing you want is to fall prey to a competitor who relishes your business downfall.

For example, if you sell cars, you can partner with a company that sells automotive accessories. You and your partner can offer special discounts, offers and organize events together. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved as long as the partnership is based on trust and transparency!

The essential

Your online business deserves to soar to amazing heights in 2022, and there’s no better way to do that than by adopting these foolproof promotional strategies. For even better and excellent results, you should consider working with results-oriented e-commerce specialists like Sellvia.

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The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger as the company handles the intricacies of your business, including shipping, customer support, and product storage. Plus, it’s super affordable. Sellvia gives your e-commerce store the much-needed boost to thrive and prosper! It is “a dream come true” for all online entrepreneurs.


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