Thursday, December 1 2022

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70% of retailers and 58% of suppliers say responsiveness to consumer and market trends is the key to successful collaboration. Issues that arise in the supply chain that disrupt this connection or collaborative efforts are actually a direct impact of failing connections between different retail nodes.
However, the industry takes this idea very seriously and collaborative efforts are underway to seal a bond of trust between retailers, consumers, the broader market and more. Collaboration is the talk of the town and is known to empower and add more clarity to the way business is done. Retailers are shaking hands with each other and other businesses to grow and conquer.
The collaborative environment is very positive and it actually overlaps with the idea of ​​funding and clearly highlights the partnerships that small growing brands are forming with bigger brands across or within their same categories. . Whether it’s the founder of a growing brand investing in a brand he believes in, or a celebrity choosing a brand to become his ambassador and lead investor, the whole ecosystem breathes new life.
Honoring these new paths in retail, we discuss the category expansion idea in detail as the cover of this issue and also highlight an exclusive interview with the CEO of FitFlop and Metro Brands as they collaborate to initiate a new retail journey in India. The consumer has become very aware today and these new brands and featured collaborations highlight these empowered consumers and are poised to entice them further.
The times are very interesting and we have a lot to discuss, debate and spark conversation around retail and its various aspects. As we get closer to the next season of PRC scheduled for August or even ICS scheduled for November, we try to keep an eye on the changing retail trends and glorify them to present to the industry a voice of change.
Let’s strengthen the retail business and enter an era of novelty by creating the right links!


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