Thursday, December 1 2022


The Kansas Public Employees Retirement System investment manager, Elizabeth BA Miller announced his retirement for July 8. Miller has 37 years of investment management and public service experience. She became KPERS’ first Chief Investment Officer in 1991, serving until 1996 and returning in 2011. During her tenure, the system’s investment portfolio doubled in size from $13.3 billion in 2011 to $26.5 billion at the end of 2021. The system’s capitalization ratio has increased from 59% in 2011 to 72.5% in 2020. Deputy Chief Investment Officer for Public Markets Bruce Fink has been named interim Chief Investment Officer by KPERS Executive Director Alan D. Conroy. Fink has served in his current role since 2013. The pension system is working with EFL Associates to conduct a nationwide search for Miller’s successor.


Nadira Hazim-Patrick and Victor Folis were named Commerce Department Employees of the Year for 2021. “Nadira works vigorously to promote and manage the Department of Commerce’s incentive programs, and her efforts have contributed to our record economic development success,” said said Lieutenant Governor David Toland, who is also the Secretary of Commerce. Hazim-Patrick, Financial Programs Administration Manager, has been in the business for 22 years and has been in Kansas State since 1992. Follis, an Intensive Service Coordinator, works at the Wichita Veterans Affairs Dole Center and has been in business for three years.


Martha Bartlett Piland

Martha Bartlett PilandPresident and CEO of Banquetastic and MB Piland Advertising + Marketing, graduated from the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing School with an Advanced Certificate in Banking Marketing and earned a Certified Professional Certification in Financial Marketing. “Achieving CFMP certification is a way to demonstrate extensive experience and training in banking marketing,” said Bartlett Piland. The CFMP certification is awarded to individuals who demonstrate excellence in the area of ​​financial services marketing. Bartlett Piland is a frequent contributor to the ABA Marketing Journal and The Financial Brand. She is the author of “Beyond Sticky,” a book for financial marketers looking to transition from a commodity to a beloved brand.

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