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The Kibo Eclipse review consists of customer feedback and surveys which may be perfect for those looking to participate in this newly released program. Kibo Eclipse reviews include full details of this online money making program by two marketing experts, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Launching a successful business means reaching out to a wide audience, ensuring that profit will be possible. Proper advice can make a big difference for people who have already been involved in the world of e-commerce, especially given the important role it plays today. With the support of Kibo Eclipse, consumers can revamp their online presence to ensure a more profitable business.

The Kibo Eclipse helps entrepreneurs improve e-commerce for their business, making them more money than ever before. Breaking into this part of any industry isn’t easy, but using the right software and techniques can launch anyone into impressive profits. The course is updated from a few versions that precede it, including Kibo Eclipse and Kibo Code 2020.

Under this program, consumers will complete an 8-week course that uses live training sessions to engage newcomers to e-commerce. It helps users make profits online, although the training app makes the whole process relatively simple.

Everything is broken down into five main steps, which are:

  • Installing the website.
  • Select drop shippers with high quality products to sell.
  • Choose the profit strategy to get the most traffic from buyers.
  • Increase sales instantly.
  • Repeat the steps.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

The two people who made this program possible are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. These marketing experts have been making money online for years and they have used their predicament to make them even more profitable in the business sector. Consumers might recognize Aidan among a few other programs he launched, including Parallel Profit, 100K Factory, and 7 Figure Cycle.

How does Kibo Eclipse work?

The online program aims to help users increase their profits regardless of the niche in which they operate. The strategies provided will drive incredible traffic to the website, ensuring they get more sales and exposure instantly.

The training program helps users maximize the amount of money they earn, thanks to contributions from Aidan and Steven. The program takes approximately 8 weeks to complete while users complete the modules.

Module 1 – Kibo Incubator

The first module is Kibo Incubator, the in-depth training users need to understand the system. It takes 8 weeks to complete the basic training, which educates users on the best ways to grow their business without spending too much time on it. Individuals can start from scratch and end up with incredible profitability.

Module 2 – Kibo Jumpstart

Kibo Jumpstart will help users learn from in-house experts, although users will need to participate in a 30-day challenge. User progress is tracked in weekly milestones, and users can discuss their progress with Zoom video calls or online chats.

Module 3 – Kibo HQ

Kibo HQ helps users focus on the main purpose behind their e-commerce dreams. This module exists explicitly to scale the business while building and managing its success.

Module 4 – Oracle Kibo

Then there is Kibo Oracle. Kibo Oracle is not a training program, but it is available software that users can use to track their profitable products. Users can even filter millions of products to help their e-commerce platform thrive, reducing the number of hours they have to spend analyzing developments otherwise.

Module 5 – Kibo Converters

Kibo Converters, another smart piece of software, helps users understand what they need to do to make sales from their website visitors. Users will engage with customers through automated chats with this software to work as a sales assistant.

Module 6 – Socializing Kibo

With the Kibo Socializer, users have access to software that shows how to drive social media traffic. It helps users promote better sales through social media traffic, thereby increasing sales and user profit.

Module 7 – Kibo Accelerators

Kibo Accelerators provide the user with traffic and scaling secrets to propel the business forward. Scaling is sometimes complex for business owners, but this program offers tips that can make scaling the business quite fast.

Module 8 – Kibo Mentoring Point

The last module is Kebo Mentorpoint, which offers unlimited coaching to users. The support available to attendees includes both expert creators and fellow Kibo members, ensuring that everyone can keep up with their business needs. In addition, access to these third parties is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who is Kibo Eclipse best suited for?

Anyone who is just starting to take their first steps into e-commerce will greatly benefit from signing up for Kibo Eclipse. The program can even help individuals start their business for years to come, as times change.

The recommendations made on this program ensure that consumers can direct more traffic to their website, making them perform better than they ever have before. Users will also learn top tips for owning a business in uncertain times, which are fully broken down into the modules mentioned above for more apparent learning.

How can users access Kibo Eclipse?

Even though many changes are coming to this product, consumers can expect to see what it has to offer by January 25th. Users will receive a free PDF e-book, which helps anyone who wants to learn these lessons without already having to lug around heavy books.

To purchase this guide, the total cost is $3,497. However, the creators understand that this price is relatively high for newcomers to e-commerce or businesses that have suffered from the pandemic. To make the price easier to bear, consumers can pay the fee in four installments of $997 eachthough it will cost an additional $491 when they break it down.

If users find this program not helping their business, they have up to 30 days to take advantage of the money back guarantee.

Bonus content

Even though consumers still get all the great content offered by Kibo Eclipse in a single package, the company provides some essential bonuses to improve user efficiency in e-commerce.

The first bonus is Social Selling Secrets. This tool shows users what they need to do to drive more traffic to their website with social media. It integrates Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms. By engaging with social media, consumers can connect more directly with the audience their website caters to, which drives more traffic.

Kibo Event Live Recordings is the second bonus. These recordings allow users to access the live event, providing them with a means to obtain the details offered by the guest speakers. They will also be able to browse videos at a pace that suits them.

The third bonus – The Secret Mastermind – is a seminar series that teaches users about current market trends. It also provides an easy-to-understand realistic view for everyone.

Are there alternatives to Kibo Eclipse training?

Even though some consumers might see Kibo Eclipse as an opportunity to be seen online with free video, they would be wrong. No other options show users what Kibo Eclipse does, even a previous program called Kibo Code Quantum.

With the Kibo Eclipse program, users will get a full upgrade, giving consumers content no one else has seen, even if they’ve been there before.

Frequently asked questions about Kibo Eclipse

What happens if the user purchases access to Kibo Eclipse but does not wish to continue using it?

All customers are entitled to a refund within 30 days of purchase if they contact the customer service team.

Can users pay for this program in installments, or does the full payment have to be paid upfront?

Users who wish to break down the payment into installments can reduce it to $997 in four installments. If the user wants to save money, he can pay the full amount in one payment for $3497.

How many modules are there in this program?

The program is divided into 7 modules.

Are there any bonuses available in this Kibo Eclipse program?

When users participate in Kibo Eclipse, they have access to three bonuses related to the 7 modules.

Who should buy the Kibo eclipse program?

This program is useful for anyone who wants to make their business run better with e-commerce tips and advice.

To contact the customer service team, send a message with the online form at


Kibo Eclipse offers consumers a way to improve their e-commerce business without studying coding or paying someone else to manage their social media. Much of the content uses social media, but there are several software programs that automatically help users generate more traffic and sales. Consumers have to pay to access the software and the lessons divided into different modules to get the full effect.

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