Thursday, September 29 2022

The award-winning Holocaust book was banned in McMinn County for its foul language and graphic depictions of the genocide.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A Knoxville comic book store announced Thursday that it will be giving away free copies of Maus to students who want to learn more about the Holocaust.

The book was banned from McMinn County schools after leaders said it contained too strong language and graphic depictions of the Holocaust. About 6 million Jews died between the 1930s and early 1940s as the Nazi regime systematically arrested and cruelly killed them.

Nirvana Comics said they would be donating copies of the book because they “believe it’s a must-read for everyone”. They said all students had to do was request a copy by calling them or reach out on social media. However, they said they have a limited number of books, so there might be a waiting list for anyone interested in reading it.

They said they had a large order of Maus due to arrive soon, so they could donate more copies of the book, after their initial stock had been loaned or sold.

“We are in talks with a much larger organization to expand the program. We hope to hear about this soon,” they also said.

The book is a graphic novel written in a documentary style, following the story of a man and his family as he watches the Nazi regime rise to power and eventually invade Poland. Later in the book, he is taken to Auschwitz, a concentration camp where over a million Jews were worked almost to death, starved, and systematically killed.

The author, Art Spiegelman, drew figures in mouse form and learned the story through interviews with his father who survived his shipment to Auschwitz.

Thursday was also International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when communities around the world honored those who died in the Holocaust and learned how to identify and prevent anti-Semitism.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Nirvana Comics program can also donate. They said they were studying crowdfunding platforms to better organize donations.

Nirvana Comics can be reached at 865-200-5067 or online.

We are proud to carry Maus at Nirvana Comics. Art Spiegelman’s masterpiece is one of the most significant, impactful and…

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