Thursday, December 1 2022

A BOOK signing event took place in Llandudno last weekend to coincide with an author’s release of Llanelian’s second published novel.

Christopher Kerr’s ‘The Barbarossa Secret’ became available for purchase on Saturday May 28 and on the same day, from 11am, he signed copies at Waterstones in Llandudno, on Mostyn Street.

The book, which weaves the suspense of uncovering a long-buried secret with epic human drama, follows the release of her debut novel, “The Covenant,” in 2021.

Set between the events of World War II and the build-up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the book chronicles how a journalist seeks the truth about his family’s personal involvement in one of the war’s greatest hidden episodes. .

But his revelations prove so dramatic that they will shake the foundations of current governments and put his own life in danger, as intelligence agencies seek to keep the information hidden.


Llanelian Christopher author is set to publish his second published novel

Christopher said: “It was a fabulous event. I met a lot of people who came to visit, so it was an interesting day – much more successful than expected, but the whole exercise was a very pleasant shock experience.

“We sold quite a few copies that day, but that wasn’t the main reason (the event took place) – it was to allow me to meet readers and vice versa. There was interest all day.

“All the feedback I got was positive – some had already read the book – and many people wished me success.

“It generated some debate that day with those familiar with WWII, but it was a very positive debate, and I was quite surprised at the depth of knowledge some of the participants demonstrated.

“And thank you to Waterstones, for their hospitality was warm and nurturing, and their staff took a keen interest in what was happening.

“People were going to checkouts with copies of not only ‘The Barbarossa Secret’, but also my previous work, ‘The Covenant’.

“It was followed by a radio interview in which I was described as the best read they’ve reviewed in years, so that was hugely positive as well.”

A former civil servant, marketer and entrepreneur, Christopher now focuses on writing, based on a keen interest in politics and current affairs.

He started writing novels after the death of his wife, who always encouraged him to fulfill his life’s dream, and also almost finished his third book, “Fission”.

“The Barbarossa Secret” is available now at most major bookstores and is published through The Book Guild.


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