Wednesday, September 21 2022

Can it be? Friday jobs report yet? Here’s what we’re watching in today’s numbers and early speculation on what it could mean for the from the fed next tariff decision – Bloomberg and MarketWatch and NY Times and WSJ

Laxman Narasimhan, who loyal readers will recognize just days ago as the former CEO of Lysol’s parent company who abruptly left earlier this week, takes the reins of Starbucks. Narasimhan will officially take over from current CEO Howard Schultz in April, and he’ll have a lot on his plate when he does – NY Times and WSJ and MarketWatch

Gene-sequencing “powerhouse” Illumina has won an FTC lawsuit seeking to block the company from acquiring Grail, “a startup with blood-testing technology to detect cancer.” In a Thursday ruling, an ALJ found that the vertical acquisition did not violate U.S. antitrust laws. The European Commission is also reviewing the agreement – NY Times and WSJ and Law360

Bank of America has launched a new trial program aimed at increasing homeownership rates “among first-time Black and Latino buyers.” The company will offer mortgages to select borrowers “that don’t require a down payment, minimum credit score, or closing costs” in an effort to help “individuals and families, especially black and Hispanic people.” , to build up a heritage over time” – NY Times and MarketWatch

After years of begging from some users (and a bold promise from former owner Elon Musk), Twitter has launched a pilot program for an edit button – “perhaps the biggest change to the media service social since 2017”, when the site doubled its character limit – NY Times and WSJ

Details on what threatens to be a ‘protracted legal fight’ over the Biden administration’s plans to forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for eligible borrowers, much of it centered on the president’s decision to do so via emergency executive powers – NY Times

While in the midst of a Russian-led NordStream 1 ‘maintenance’ shutdown, Germany announced this week that it had acquired ‘a fifth facility for the import of liquefied natural gas’ – a “floating terminal with a five-year lease” which she hopes will provide her people with “a substantial buffer against any further cuts in Russian supplies” – NY Times

The MN State Fair ends its glorious run on Monday after what has been a 12-day return to normal in Falcon Heights. It makes today’s reflection on what Princess Kay of the Milky Way will ‘do with a larger-than-life sculpture of her regal face sculpted in butter’ as bittersweet. [buttersweet?] as appropriate – WSJ

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