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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Posted: 04/29/2021 16:52:49 PM

Escape Hatch Books on Main Street in Jaffrey was broken into on Wednesday morning, Jaffrey police said.

Jaffrey Police Chief Todd Muilenberg said police were alerted around 2:16 a.m. Wednesday morning by a resident after someone smashed a window at Escape Hatch Books, which primarily sells comics, and entered the building.

Police found a broken window on the side of the building, Muilenberg said.

“We believe they entered the building and removed goods. We always get an inventory to determine exactly what, ”Muilenberg said.

In an article posted on the Escape Hatch Books Facebook page, at least some of the merchandise taken was identified as cards for the Magic The Gathering tabletop game.

“(It) seems almost 100% certain that it was someone who had been in the store before,” the post read, followed by a public request for information about the theft.

Police have at least one witness linked to the crime who said they saw at least one person whom the police believe to be involved, but the police have not ruled out the involvement of other suspects.

If anyone has any information, they should contact Jaffrey Police at 532-7865. Registrants can remain anonymous if they wish.


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