Thursday, December 8 2022

As the pandemic nears the two-year mark, the Morden Chamber of Commerce (MCC) continues to support and advocate for local businesses, according to Executive Director Candace Collins.

“As we approach 2022, we’re still in the midst of some public health restrictions, so really, we’re focused on making sure our members are up to date with the information they need, whether it’s whether financial supports or current restrictions, and also continue to What we really want to focus on is keeping our businesses open, so we continue to work with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and advocate on behalf of our members.

She shared the challenges that businesses are currently facing.

“Businesses are facing so many challenges right now, including labor shortages, it’s huge for businesses in all industries right now. Many supply chain issues and then some of them have to operate with reduced capacity,” added Collins. “Labour shortages are really affecting most industries right now, not just manufacturing, and that’s for a number of reasons. Whether it’s always about getting people back to the work, a lot of sick leave and sick leave, right? Because we are not wanting people to be at work if they have symptoms, so this is a new challenge that companies are facing, and some may also face shortages due to vaccination requirements.”

Collins noted that they work closely with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce to be a strong voice for business.

“Along with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, we are calling on the Province of Manitoba to take action to support our business community. We’re asking them to provide businesses with rapid testing, and we want them to enable businesses to be open, number one, and when they can’t be open, we’re advocating for financial supports.”

Some businesses have been able to adapt and succeed, and Collins is grateful for the increased community support.

“Some businesses have thrived during the pandemic, but there is also opportunity. I think there has been a real shift towards local support. Community members want to reach out to businesses and support them now more than ever, and I think that’s been a big shift in mentality that’s happened throughout the pandemic. We love seeing people, really more than ever, supporting our local businesses.


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