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Publication date: 02/02/2022

Daily infections and hospitalizations continue to fall in the Region of Murcia

Coronavirus infections

Along with the incidence rate, the number of daily infections continues to decline. Health authorities recorded 2,443 cases on Tuesday, nearly a thousand less than on Monday.

Of the total positives, 748 correspond to the municipality of Murcia, 337 to Cartagena, 158 to Lorca, 113 to Molina de Segura, 74 to Yecla, 72 to Alcantarilla, 66 to Torre Pacheco, 52 to Jumilla, 52 to La Unión and 51 in Aguilas. The remaining infections are spread over the other municipalities.

Additionally, the number of active cases has fallen to 26,071, meaning 2,003 people have recovered from Covid in the past 24 hours alone.

According to the ministry, a total of 25,456 people are in home isolation with the coronavirus, down 1,968 from the previous day.

Yesterday, health workers in Murcia carried out 12,453 Covid tests, resulting in a positivity rate of 19.6%.

This figure brings the total number of infections since the start of the health crisis to 324,543.


Hospital pressure is also decreasing, although the figures are still somewhat worrying. On February 1, there were 615 people hospitalized in the Region, 35 less than on Monday. Of these, 82 are in intensive care due to the severity of their condition. Thus, the number of seriously ill patients in intensive care units increased by five patients.


Twelve other deaths have been reported in the Region in the past 24 hours, seven of which were unvaccinated.

The eight men and four women were between 37 and 97 years old. Four were from health zone VII (East Murcia), two from health zone I (West Murcia), two from zone II (Cartagena), two from zone III (Lorca), one from zone VI (Vega Media del Segura) and one from Health Zone VIII (Mar Menor).

This brings the total death toll since the start of the pandemic to 1,990.

Vaccination data

As of February 1, a total of 1,199,771 people, representing 91.1% of the population aged over 12, had been bitten twice while another 1,231,326 had received their first dose.

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