Thursday, December 1 2022

According to Huitun Data, the number of viewers of “Oriental Selection,” the official live streaming room of China’s private tutoring institution New Oriental Education, reached 12.746 million on June 11, and the daily gross volume of merchandise was 21 million yuan ($3.12 million), ranking sixth on Douyin.

On December 28, 2021, New Oriental launched the “Oriental Selection” live-streaming platform, which mainly sells agricultural products. In the beginning, the public debate always focused on the personal opinions of the company founder, Yu Minhong, and his conversations with celebrities.

On June 10, Dong Yuhui, an English teacher who claimed to have taught 500,000 students in eight years, skillfully used a whiteboard to explain how to express the characteristics of the products he sold in English. It is through this method that Dong and Oriental Selection became popular. According to the latest data, on June 11, Oriental Selection achieved an estimated sales volume of 19.9217 million yuan, an increase of 40 times from the start of the broadcast, with 88,600 online viewers at the peak.

Dong Yuhui on the live broadcast channel (Source: Sina)

During the two days of June 10 and 11, seven or eight livestreamers appeared on Oriental Selection, all of whom chose to sell products bilingually. They have different ways of selling goods, characters, and looks, but they all come across in a clear and articulate way.

Company founder Yu Minhong obviously has a clear idea about live streaming. In May, he said that there are two systems behind the new Eastern education: the first is the selling system, with Eastern selection as its core; the second is the product system, including external products and its own product library.

Yu revealed on June 8 that the company has set up a team for “New Oriental Livestreaming”, which will sell educational products including books, learning materials and courses.

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After the Chinese government implemented the “double reduction” policy, education companies in the country divested their K12 businesses and transformed their models. In February this year, Puxin Education announced that it was evaluating the business of fast food restaurants in China.


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