Thursday, December 1 2022
Fuck NFT

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While some publishers like Ubisoft is moving forward with NFTsregardless of what their own employees think about it, and others like EA are ready to make their way through fashiona video game marketplace has come out and released one of the most welcome statements I’ve yet seen from the industry.

Posting over the weekend,, the global indie games marketplace, said “a few have asked about our stance on NFTs,” and explained with:

A few asked about our position on NFTs:

NFTs are a scam. If you believe they are legitimately useful for anything other than creator exploitation, financial scams, and planet destruction, we ask that you please re-evaluate your lifestyle choices.

Peace ✌️

Shit yeah. It’s so obvious to say that we shouldn’t need to draw attention to this, because NFTS are a scam. It’s not a belief or an assumption, it’s literally the foundation they’re built on, and it all plays out exactly as a scam manual would say.

And even! These are video games, and we live in a late stage of capitalist decadence, and so because there’s quick money to be made before it all goes up in smoke, there are companies – many of which maintain a facade of taxation respectability and who employ thousands of people around the world – who don’t care about the glaring ethical and economic issues clearly on display in the crypto space, and jump for that quick cash anyway.

You could say of course that it’s very easy for to say that, since the site is all about publishing small indie games and would have almost no business to lose by taking that stance. I would say then that if you or your business care more about your short term profits than multiple failures in the NFT space, just prioritize the first on the second, so you can fuck you.


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