Thursday, September 29 2022

Nigerian startup Get It Done Now, a mobile fintech e-commerce platform where a user can access services and obtain loans and insurance, is expanding to Spain after strong initial growth.

Founded in mid-2018 by Alberto Rodriguez and Bode Bamgboye after studying for an MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, do it now allows users to book and pay handymen, and also access financial services such as loans and insurance.

“It is for the people of Africa so that they can get secure and safe services, both physical and digital, bridging the digital divide that exists, and also fund the purchase of those services,” Rodriquez told Disrupt. Africa.

The one-stop-shop nature of the platform, providing access to both services and financial products, has proven itself. Get It Done Now has over 5,000 users, with over $2 million in loan requests.

“We had over 120 services on the platform and over 5,000 transactions made. We think this is the start. Get It Done Now covers a necessity,” Rodriguez said.

It has also caught the attention of investors. Launched in self-financing, the startup was joined by four investors, three Nigerians and one European. With his most recent investment secured in February, he is now discussing a new cycle.

Operating only out of Nigeria so far, Get It Done Now has recently expanded to Spain. Rodriguez’s home market, and where the startup founders met, but also a valid opportunity for other reasons.

“Spain is the main country in Europe for African migrants, along with France and Italy. It also helped us establish a base there and have more alternatives to fundraising,” he said.

Get It Done Now operates on a commission-based revenue model, with Rodriquez saying revenue is strong and growing.

“The potential for growth is really high, and as proof, we have 500% more loan applications in 2021 than in all of 2020,” he said.


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