Thursday, December 1 2022

Dolmen, a sci-fi action RPG set to emerge in a few days on May 20, won’t launch with Intel’s XeSS tech on board – it’s Team Blue’s DLSS rival – with the developer having clarified that .

Originally, the developer of Dolmen was interviewed by Wccftech in an interview about whether the RPG would have XeSS support at launch, and (as noted by Tom’s gear) said: “I think I can tell you that everything, including the partnership with Intel, will be released in the Day One patch [for Dolmen].”

Wccftech then updated their interview to say that Koch Media PR had been in touch to advise that in fact XeSS support will not come until the summer. Also as video cardz picked up, the developer comes tweeted to confirm a summer release date for XeSS in Dolmen.

Analysis: Did we really think XeSS was imminent, when Desktop Arc was not?

It’s a bit strange, really, since we weren’t expecting Intel to release XeSS this week. Remember, there’s no Arc Alchemist desktop GPUs, or even an imminent launch – these graphics cards will probably only be released at the end of June, and it will only be in China to begin with (we may not see -be no discrete Arc desktop GPUs until later in August in Europe and the US).

On top of that, even Alchemist laptop GPUs aren’t out there yet outside of Korea, so what would be the point of launching XeSS to a small user base – potentially frustrating people waiting for the cards even more Intel’s Arc graphics (“we’ve posted something else – you can’t benefit”).

Dolmen – which was a game used by Intel to showcase its frame rate booster when it launched the Arc laptop GPU – should then get XeSS in July or August, and it would certainly make sense to delay the launch of this technology until Arc cards are more widely available across the world (as well as desktop models). The game also supports Nvidia DLSS and AMD’s FSR (just v1.0 in the latter case, although FSR 2.0 support is apparently coming soon).

The (effective) delay of Arc desktop graphics cards beyond Q2 (at least outside of Asia) is, of course, already bad news for Intel, AMD and Nvidia potentially having next-gen GPUs ready. for September – and Nvidia could have some sort of a launch slated for as early as July, according to a new rumor. And with the emergence of FSR 2.0 – which looks like a big step forward for Team Red – long before XeSS hits the streets, it’s just another area where Intel is falling behind in its attempt to make the best impression in the debut of the Alchemist office.

In short, it looks like things really aren’t going as planned for Intel, and that puts us in a mindset where further delays wouldn’t be surprising.


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