Thursday, September 29 2022

Floating World Comics had been in Old Town for 16 years. This week it moved to Lloyd Center Mall.

PORTLAND, Ore. — A popular comic book store based in Old Town Portland has moved to the Lloyd Center due to a drop in foot traffic, according to the owner.

Jason Leivian, owner of Floating World Comicssaid the new location opened in the mall this week.

“Over the past two years during COVID, things really slowed down downtown and it never really came back,” he said.

Leivian said he held out as long as he could in Old Town, but things never changed. He said he had to relocate his business for it to succeed and saw a lot of opportunity in the Lloyd Center Mall.

“We have the opportunity, with all the space here and affordable rent, to turn it into a new kind of mall, which is more like independent local businesses, Portland businesses and what a cool concept that would be,” said Leivian.

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Portland real estate agent Elliot Blair said the Lloyd Center has always been an iconic shopping destination in Portland. He said the arrival of more local businesses could start a revitalization.

“Just with an increase in foot traffic and people wanting to be in the area, I see everything and everyone lifting up,” Blair said.

Lloyd Center was built in 1960 and was the largest shopping center in the world at the time. At the start of the pandemic, the mall closed for a while and many stores moved. Leivian said there could be a lot of local business owners looking to open up spaces.

“I’ve already spoken to three friends who might be looking for spaces here next week, maybe a tattoo parlor and a comedy club,” Leivian said.

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