Thursday, December 1 2022

Amazon Kindle is undoubtedly the most popular e-book reader in the market and has been around since 2007 as a trusted e-book reader for many people around the world. Now, however, Amazon is ending support for old Kindle e-book readers to access its store, according to a report.

According to an email to users of older Kindle e-book readers, first seen by GoodEreader, the company is warning former Kindle users that some of these models will lose access to the Amazon E-Book store at from August 2022. The company tells users that Kindle devices, including the 5th generation and earlier, will not be able to browse, borrow, or purchase books from the Amazon eBook storefront from August .

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Users will still be able to make purchases on Amazon’s website and send them to their Kindles, and your existing eBook library will still be accessible on those older Kindles. This means the devices won’t become completely obsolete and you can still use your old Kindles for reading. Now, while that’s good news, it calls into question the e-commerce giant’s intention to end Amazon store support for Kindle e-book readers, as it won’t necessarily drive users to a newer device.

However, if this inspires you to get a new Kindle e-book reader, there’s good news. Currently, Amazon is offering older users a promo code to get 30% off a new device, as well as eBook credit so you can access your next book at the same time.

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Amazon Kindle is available in five variants in India. The basic 10th generation Kindle with a 6-inch screen priced at Rs 7,999, the Kindle Paperwhite priced at Rs 13,999, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with a 6.8-inch screen priced at Rs 17,999, the Kindle Paperwhite 4G LTE variant is Rs 15,999, and the top-end Kindle Oasis is priced at Rs 24,999 in India. Users can purchase the e-book reader from Amazon’s Kindle store.

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