Thursday, December 1 2022

PADUCAH – The Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce is launching its 2022 Small Business Cohort Program, and time is running out to apply.

This deadline is Friday, May 27.

The chamber says 15-20 companies will be accepted into the program to help their business grow. The program is open to small business owners in western Kentucky and southern Illinois.

The program is in its second year, and the chamber says it’s worth it for your business.

“In our program last year, we had a business that was a division, and I think they had four or five employees, and by the time they finished that program, they added another division to their business, expanded it and were able to hire about 10 to 15 more employees,” says House Speaker Sandra Wilson. “so I know he’s proven his track record.”

The program has a fee of $750. The chamber says entrants will receive a copy of the “Fix This Next” book and other application materials. They will also have access to two videos by the book’s author, Mike Michalowicz.

For more information or to apply for the program, visit


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