Thursday, December 1 2022
On Wednesday, the Department of Trade and Industry made import registration under PIMS mandatory for inbound shipments of 201 types of paper and paperboard such as glossy newsprint, handmade paper and silk. The ministry has launched the Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS), under which an importer will have to provide advance information online about importing such papers and obtain a registration number.

“Import policy for specific tariff lines under Chapter 48 (Paper and Paperboard)…is revised from ‘free’ to free subject to mandatory registration under PIMS,” the DG of Trade said. (DGFT) in a notification.

He said the importer can apply for registration no earlier than five days before the expected arrival date of the import shipment.

The automatic registration number will remain valid for 75 days.

Multiple entries will be permitted in the same registration number during the validity period of the registration for the quantity permitted.

The PIMS will come into effect on October 1, 2022, allowing an entry invoice from October 1, 2022.

The possibility of online registration will be available from July 15 at

The 201 items include handmade cardstock, uncoated photographic base paper, wallpaper, airmail paper, duplicating paper, drawing paper, account book paper, poster paper, automatic data processing machine paper, unbleached kraft paper, tracing papers, aseptic wrapping paper and imitation paper. paper.

The government has a similar system for coal and steel imports.


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