Thursday, December 8 2022

We’ve all seen and heard of all the long lines outside liquor stores before a dry day or especially during the pandemic-induced lockdown, but seeing a queue to buy a book is quite something. ‘a little surprising.

No, we’re not talking about a popular celebrity endorsing a book or a free offer, we’re talking about a long line of people just waiting to get a book of their choice.

Well, it actually happened in Kolkata, West Bengal, which is also home to intellectuals such as Rabindranath Tagore. It may sound like a stereotype, but the people of Calcutta love to read very much and they have proven it.

A photo goes viral on the internet of people lining up outside a bookstore named Dey’s Publishing in Kolkata just to buy their favorite books.

The photo was shared on Twitter by a user named Diptakirti Chaudhary and he wrote: “Photo of the queue outside a publisher’s store in Kolkata. Every town is lining up for alcohol. Only Kolkata is in the line. queue for books.

He mentioned that the long queue outside the store was due to Dey’s Publishing offering a 50% discount on its in-store catalog from August 11-15, calling it “Independence Day Book Bazaar”.

Internet users were all praising the people of Kolkata and the culture of reading is still very prevalent in the city. However, many have wondered why they are standing in line instead of buying a book online.

Dey’s Publishing is one of the city’s oldest bookstores and has a cult fan base.

The government in Kolkata, however, is ready to start its election campaign and recently launched “Khela Hobe”. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was seen dribbling a soccer ball and throwing it among the crowd at the launch event for the same campaign.


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