Thursday, December 1 2022

A popular comic book store in Grimsby is moving to a new location after nearly two decades of trading in one location.

Paul Berry, 47, has owned Starrider for 25 years and traded on Pasture Street for 18 years.

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But now the store is ready for a new location after its long history on the street.

Paul said: “We will be moving to new premises at 156 Victoria Street on Saturday 29th January.

“Sometimes you just need a bit of a change and something a bit more modern. That’s what I hope this store can do for us.

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Paul Berry has been trading on Pasture Street for 18 years. It will move Starrider to Victoria Street on Saturday

“It’s been on the cards for a while and this move will give the store the opportunity to have a refresh and a more modern touch.

“But it will be sad to close this store. It’s very surreal to be honest.”

Starrider will move to the premises of the former Kenect recruitment store.

Paul had the idea to open the store in the 1990s when he was a student.

He told Grimsby Live: “I’ve always been a science fiction fan. When I was younger I had to go out of town to places like Sheffield, Blackpool and Lincoln to go to a comic book store. .

“It sparked the idea in my head why Grimsby couldn’t have his own comic book store.

“When I left college I knew I wanted to start the business and that was in 1997.”

Starrider will move to the former Kenect Recruitment store on Victoria Street

Paul says he values ​​his customers for their long-standing love of comics.

He said: “I just want to thank our customers for their continued support and I have fond memories of being here and being in the store.

“I’ve had a few famous faces here like Gary Lucy from Hollyoaks and formerly on EastEnders, and Paul Cornell, author and writer for Doctor Who.

“It kind of makes your day when they come in wanting to buy your items.”

In Paul’s store, you’ll find comic books, merchandise, and action figures from popular sci-fi movies and TV classics, including Star Trek and Star Wars.

He oversaw a great shift in attitude towards science fiction and fantasy over the years.

Paul said: “I think when I started in 1997 it was a very specialized concept.

“Being categorized as a geek was very pejorative back then, but people wear it with pride these days.

“In the 25 years that I have been trading, it has become fashionable to be classified as a geek and we have become mainstream.

“People wouldn’t be seen dead admitting they watched Doctor Who, but now they would.

“It was amazing to see.”

The new store will open on Saturday, January 29.

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