Thursday, September 29 2022

Without risk, there is no success.

Check out the YouTube influencer showing people how credit can be their best friend. Deonta Lee, also known as Dr. Tay G., is a YouTube influencer, financial expert, civil engineer, United States Navy veteran, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of 21st Century Business Consulting, which helps individuals achieve their goals by educating and demonstrating how credit can be their best friend. Due to his vast knowledge of increasing credits and the stunning results achieved, the YouTube influencer has further adopted the name “Doctor Credit” in his videos.

But while Deonta Lee constantly teaches how to boost credit scores, that’s not the only aspect of financial education the young entrepreneur talks about. It also educates about crypto, stocks, and ways to turn individuals into entrepreneurs. The financial specialist is widely known for his YouTube video with Bandman Kevo, where he talked about “HOW 50 DOLLARS TURNED INTO A MILLION DOLLARS”.

In his next video, Dr. Tay G. explained that he was from a small town in Mississippi. He attended college at Jackson State University and received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. The YouTuber said he transformed his own life during the COVID pandemic and described how people who knew him then would find it hard to believe how far he had come. The young entrepreneur urged individuals to take risks as there is no reward without risk. One of his favorite quotes is “Without risk there is no success”. He also advised individuals to invest in crypto and stocks and invest in themselves as this is the only investment where individuals do not lose.

He mentioned it in the video saying, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” He also acknowledged that he couldn’t have gotten this far without a strong network, which is why his favorite quote remains: “Your network is your net worth.”

On his business website, 21st Century Business Consulting, the young entrepreneur claimed to use his wealth of knowledge to help young people make the most of their credit and invest it in opportunities that would diversify their sources of income. This was stated on their website, saying: “If you are a young professional, we will show you different ways to take advantage of the credits for your business and use it to invest in assets to multiply your sources of income. If you’re someone looking for financial freedom, we’ll teach you how to leverage credit to get what you want out of life.”

Deonta Lee also explained why he wanted to share his story with the world on his website; he said, “I founded 21st Century Business Consulting because I wanted to share my story with the world about how leveraging your debt helped me grow my wealth exponentially.”

Dr. Tay G will publish his upcoming books “Credit To Cash” and “The Business BluePrint; Structure Your Business From Scratch” in May 2022.

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