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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Revere Partners, the first and only independent venture capital fund focused exclusively on oral health, today announced its world-renowned team, including the former executive director of the American Dental Association ( ADA), Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin, and dental technology pioneer, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg (father of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg). The 75-person organization is comprised of a leadership team that is changing the landscape for dental and systemic health businesses by driving innovation in the marketplace while diversifying offerings to investors, and also joined by partners and associates from top tier like Heartland Dental, Walmart and 1800Dentist.

Revere Partners is led by Managing Partner, Dr. Jeremy Krell, a highly experienced investor, entrepreneur and dentist, and CFO David Arena, who is an experienced investor, technologist and finance professional. Revere Partners identifies opportunities for investors and provides capital for breakthrough innovations in the oral health and systemic health sectors. Revere Partners is well positioned to capitalize on the growth of the dental industry, which is expected to surpass $230 billion in total revenue by 2023.

“We are fortunate to work with venture capital partners who bring exceptional expertise to our investment strategy across all areas of oral and systemic health,” said Dr. Jeremy Krell. “Their skills allow us to identify promising opportunities for investors, raise capital for startups, and identify important and much-needed innovations in oral health in an accelerated time frame.

Revere Partners’ expert investment team includes the following venture capital partners:

  • Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin, a nationally recognized leader in the healthcare, nonprofit and education sectors who previously served as executive director of the American Dental Association and CEO of Delta Dental of Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg, a renowned dental technology pioneer and practicing dentist for over 40 years, as well as a serial investor, advisor, entrepreneur and speaker on technology integration, social media marketing and reputation management online dentists.
  • Jane Levy, dental and financial services industry leader who sits on the board of CareCru, the dental patient engagement platform, and co-CEO of Plan Forward, the dental membership plan software, and including dental outlets such as Jarvis Analytics, which was acquired by Henry Schein Une.
  • Dr. Yan Kalika, DMD, MS, expert in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, who was a consultant for Align Technology (creator of Invisalign) and owner/chief clinician at Image Orthodontics. He also sits on the board of several Silicon Valley-based companies in the areas of medical devices, telemedicine and digital healthcare.

“This group’s deep expertise in dental and early-stage investment makes them the ideal team to lead the first and only venture capital fund in the dental technology industry,” said Dr Kathy. O’Loughlin. “Early-stage dental startups are poised for strong growth in the years to come, and Dr. Krell and Revere Partners are opening doors to lead that expansion.

Along with Krell and Arena, Revere Partners’ leadership team also includes a diverse mix of oral health and investment experts, including Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Eric Pulver, who has spent more than 30 years in private and academic practice, and Scientific Director Dominik Lysek, PhD, who developed the first biomimetic technology to treat dental caries and enable guided enamel remineralization therapy.

Revere Partners has also brought in an influential team of associates who span the entire dental industry. Associates help find deals, due diligence deals, support post-investment deals, and work on fund administration. This not only helps Revere Partners find a high volume of deals to evaluate, but also holistically evaluate deals and liaise between the startup and the industry, ultimately helping to accelerate exit opportunities.

Some key team members, from partners to associates, include:

  • Pat BauerPresident and CEO of Heartland Dental, the nation’s largest dental support organization.
  • Mitch Olanformer CEO and Executive Chairman of Dental Care Alliance, one of the nation’s largest DSOs, founding member of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO), and board member.
  • Doug Brownfounding member and former president of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) and former CEO/VP of Affordable Care, LLC.
  • Matt OrnsteinCEO of the Ornstein-Schuler Companies and owner of Oak Dental Partners, one of the largest DSOs in the country.
  • Matt Beckman, founder of Ascent Consultants, a business consulting and coaching firm. He served as Chief of Staff to the State of Missouri Auditor and Vice President and General Counsel of Trident Steel, one of North America’s largest independent distributors of energy steel.
  • Dr. David R. Boschkeninternationally renowned orthodontist, investor, speaker and advisor in a wide variety of spaces.
  • Dr. Glenn KriegerRenowned orthodontist, podcaster and founder of Orthopreneurs.
  • Dr Doug ShawNationally recognized orthodontist and partner of Orthopreneurs.
  • Dr. Roshan Parikhchairman and CEO of DNTL Bar, former head of dentistry at Walmart US, founder of consulting firm DSO Strategy and co-founder of Lakeshore Dental Partners.
  • Fred Joyalelite executive coach and nationally recognized speaker, former co-founder of 1800Dentist, author of two best-selling books on dental marketing, and advisor to several dental companies.

“Revere Partners is truly unique in that it is uniquely focused on the needs of the dental ecosystem as well as strategic investors who see opportunity in this rapidly growing industry,” said Pat Bauer, President and Chief management of Heartland Dental. “As a truly open-ended fund, the potential for growth and the ability to bring needed change and impact to the oral health industry is limitless.

Although the dental sector remains ripe for disruption, it has not seen the influx of investment capital that many other industries, including similar healthcare industries, have experienced in recent years. Compiling data from over 700 deals and creating the largest database of its kind, Revere Partners found 5.2X returns in 4.8 years on average in oral health startups. Revere Partners already has significant assets under management (AUM), has expanded its portfolio to 24 high performing investments, has successfully exited and continues to raise funds targeting $200m of AUM. Since its inception in 2021, Revere Partners has achieved a gross IRR of 31.7%*. Compared to all Series A companies in the first half of 2022, the fund outperformed the market by +52.01%.

To learn more about Revere Partners, visit The fund can be contacted directly at [email protected] and the investment request link can be found here.

* The IRR is calculated internally using company fundamentals and accepted valuation techniques.

* The IRR is calculated using an average and accepted valuation techniques and not a guarantee of future performance.

About Revere Partners

Revere Partners is the first venture capital fund focused exclusively on oral health, identifying opportunities for investors and providing capital for cutting-edge innovations in the oral and systemic health sectors. Revere Partners’ inaugural fund has a flexible and unique structure with ongoing open fundraising that allows startups to connect with unparalleled industry resources and growth opportunities. Founded by Dr. Jeremy Krell and David Arena, Revere Partners fosters strategic partnerships that improve care delivery as well as patient and provider experiences, maximizing value for investors. Revere Partners is committed to building inclusive partnerships with underserved businesses in the healthcare sector, including but not limited to women-, minority-, and LBGTQ+-owned businesses. To learn more, visit or on LinkedIn.


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