Thursday, December 8 2022

To celebrate its 70th anniversary of service and dedication to Filipino education as a creator and publisher of comprehensive learning tools, the iconic Rex Book Store has now embraced its evolution into a brand that encompasses the whole experience of learning for every Filipino learner.

Its new identity, Rex Education, signifies the company’s commitment as a brand, community and advocacy dedicated to inspiring every Filipino learner throughout their lifetimes to progress, uplift others, and preserve the environment for a lifetime. better world. It was born out of the need to meet the increasing demands of the 21st century learner and the need to pivot during the challenges of last year’s pandemic situation.

“Every learner has the right to education. Over the past 70 years, since the inception of Rex Education, we have always joined in this plea. To bring quality learning and education to all Filipinos, regardless of age, no matter where they are from, no matter what status in life. The events of the past few months have forced us to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can still improve by offering our services to the Filipino community. After much discussion, time for reflection, and responding to the call of educators and institutions across the country, we decided it was time for Rex Education to step up and embrace what we have become. And now we are Rex Education, a lifelong companion for every learner, ”said Don Timothy Buhain, CEO of Rex Education.

The apprentice’s crown

A brand new logo accompanies the new brand name which reflects the journey that led to the transformation of the brand. The logo communicates Rex Education’s appeal that “What we learn, we wear like a crown.”

“Over the decades, we have endured, expanded and evolved. But since then and for decades to come, we are committed to the cause of education. This apprentice crown is not a crown worn by a king but by the humble servant to learn in each of us. It symbolizes the nobility of our purpose, our adventures and lifelong experiences, and our determination to grow, flourish, empower and flourish continuously, ”said Jeanne Marie Fontelera-Tordesillas, Director of the Rex Education marketing.

The new name and logo debuted at the Education Heroes ‘Summit of the 2021 Annual Educators’ Conference (AECON), which was held virtually January 22-23, 2021. Thousands of teachers, Rex Education educators and learning partners from all over the world.

The revelation of the Rex Education logo was also shared with the public via their official Facebook page.

New brand but with the same, if not leveled, the same dedication and the same passion.

Throughout the past year, Rex Education has been at the forefront of addressing the gaps and challenges associated with the transition to online and distance learning. The company had always prided itself on promoting cutting-edge educational innovations even before the pandemic. Rex Education was one of the few publishers to openly lobby for mixed and reverse learning solutions. Rex Education introduced Schoology, a learning management system that inspires teachers to use student-centered teaching methods with an online platform.

In response to the need for online learning materials, Rex Education has made many of its educational materials available online through the Rex Education online store. Rex Education also launched the HOMES Guide, a learning companion developed on the basis of the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Skills (MELC) to provide guidance on using the print and online resources of Rex Education for home learning. The guide is available for all major subjects for years 1 to 10 and the major subjects and applied subjects for years 11 and 12.

“Our learners are now digital natives, so it makes sense that we expand our suite of learning products and solutions to meet the demands and conditions of the 21st century,” said Don Timothy Buhain.

Throughout 2020, demand for Schoology and the HOMES Guide increased, proving that Rex Education was indeed one step ahead of its time.

“This foresight and dedication to innovation have always been at the heart of Rex Education, even before the brand’s transformation. And as we enter a new era of education, technology-driven and one-on-one learning, Rex Education assures our customers and partners that we will live up to our name and continue to follow the global standard. education and help raise bar standards in the Philippines for a better learning climate for our learners of all ages, ”said Don Timothy Buhain.

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