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League players hit out at Riot Games after patch 12.7 brought nerfs to Ryze, causing the mid lane mage’s win rate to drop to a staggeringly low 42%. Now Ryze Mains is begging Riot to get back on the nerves – or give the champion another overhaul.

Ryze has been a headache for Riot to balance since League of Legends has been around. The Rune Mage has undergone multiple revamps during its time in Summoner’s Rift, with each iteration bringing new challenges and perpetual modifications.

The champion has always been popular among high ELO players since his kit allows him to quickly push minion waves while exerting pressure around the map. Its popularity among high-level players has made it difficult for Riot to make it both good for average fans and balanced for high-level competition.

Riot regularly handicaps Ryze every year ahead of MSI and Worlds, and with patch 12.7 Riot has done it once again. This time around, the devs targeted its ability to build tank items and dish out consistent DPS. However, Ryze Mains is apparently fed up with the caster being nerfed for pro play.

Riot Games

Ryze is one of the original League of Legends champions, released in 2009.

Ryze Mains frustrated with the last nerfs

Since League Patch 12.7 dropped on April 13, the update has seen win rate and champion pick rate drop in the solo queue after nerfs hit.

According to lolalytics statistics tracking siteAmong Platinum+ mid laners that have over 5,000 saved games, Ryze is by far the worst at a lean win rate of 42.79%.

While Ryze generally has a low win rate in the solo queue, this latest update has been absolutely brutal for the Rune Seeker.

ryze win rate

Ryze’s win rate dipped in patch 12.7.

Strompest, Amateur League player and Ryze main, showed how the character has struggled across all professional leagues since his first nerf on patch 12.5, making the last nerf a total overkill.

Stompest said, “I think we have no choice but to fully play AP Ryze. Hold on tight, troopers, and let Ryze’s redesign embrace us all one day.

Ryze had a measly 39% win rate on patch 12.5 across all pro leagues, showing how detrimental the extra nerf was to the already suffering character.

Social media users also shared their frustration with the nerves. One user explained that Ryze, like fellow mid lane mage Azir, is stuck in “pro play hell”.

“How’s that not the fix level?” said another player. “I’ve played this game off and on for nearly a decade and never seen a champion allowed to exist in this state after a nerf. What’s the deal, you’re just gonna keep it with the kneecap until after MSI?

Despite its increasingly diminishing win rate and calls from players to completely change it, Riot Games hasn’t said if they’re ready to rework Ryze once again.


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