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Sangre Bárbara, Conan’s new work has Hispanic authors. Les Torres and Bocardo take us back to the Hyboria era, with steel and magic

Karras Cómics publishes Sangre Bárbara, a story about Conan with Spanish authors, which draws from the character’s purest sources. A pulp full of blood and steel, sword and witchcraft.

The adventure and fantasy genre is having a sweet time, and its cheap sibling, Pulp, continues to provide sheer delight in an age of revisits and reboots, but they don’t need those EL Torres and Bocardo maneuvers, only the genre in its purest form, to give us a great story of Conan, the barbarian who became king with his own hand.

The future of a kingdom in the hands of a barbarian, no one would have ever thought of it, he was a king, a good king, but time weighs, losses drag the sovereign towards the memories of the past, towards the freedom. The reasons for being king are now unclear, without a queen, there is nothing to tie him to the throne, his son will take care of it. A strong son, but always under his shadow, in the darkness of his actions, of his ferocity, of his strength, will be a good king, civilization no longer needs Conan.

At the end of his years, the monarch of Aquilonia finds himself at a crossroads. Life is heavy and the crown has never been comfortable to wear, the weight is more important when it cannot be shared. The eastern front is raging, and in the west the Picts are active again. The stranger his son has become intends to settle the matter of the savages, and the king to fight. What if freedom died there? Go back north, become a barbarian again.

The future, the heritage, the memories, the past, the love, the honor, the responsibilities, and above all, civilization against barbarism. Torres and Joe Bocardo were able to add a lot, in little space and with great strength. Conan has always been a character that many wanted to touch, but until his rights were released, they couldn’t. The Spanish writer was one of them, and it was difficult for him to face the most immortal barbarian in literature. He did it respecting the old stories, the already created, the luscious and adventurous tone, the harsh personality of Conan, with his barbaric honor and lack of fear. And he added to the Cimmerian saga his own reading of the end of his life.

The Torres is well known in Spain, it racks up prizes like the one that racks up candy, and that’s a guarantee of quality stories, but Conan is swampy ground. The barbarian seems easy to many, but many have tried and failed. The screenwriter comes out of this fight more than graceful. The story is a story in which he calmly studies what a barbarian is, where most have seen a simple subtitle to a series, El Torres saw the story. Civilization and its weight, its responsibilities and its pressure on a man who has marked his path with blood and steel, with his own hands, is a “barbarian”, he can understand civilization better than anyone, but that does not want not to say that he loves her, because for Conan, the line between that and barbarism is very fine, and to maintain it is a thankless task.

The writer decides to pose the story of Conan from the vision of his son, a civilized man of barbaric blood, who is crushed by the figure of his father, and seeks his own path. In his fight, he discovers that of his father, and what differentiates them, also what unites them, because he is the son of a king, a future king, and what afflicts his father will afflict him. Memories of his mother, of the witches who see the future, and of a life that trapped him between sword and crown blind his future, but they don’t stop him from walking strong, for barbaric blood is flowing. in his veins. A story that from afar may seem simple, a jungle adventure, an adventure in the north, ends up being filled with many messages, love, family, honor, and most of all, the power of a name that is already a legend. Conan.

If the story is a careful study of the barbarian’s most veteran era, the drawing is an example of how Bocardo can work while thinking of the color that will complement his inks. The cartoonist continues to have terror on his fingers, in Phantasmagoria we have known his ability for pure black and white, for shadows and horror. In Sangre Barbara we see him show more skill, knowing that he is colorful, he leaves room for the tones of Manoli Martínez which will give even more power to his drawing. Joe Bocardo gives a safe to go and shows us a lot of gestures and expressions, where the impenetrable barbarians reveal little, but enough that the force of the situation takes us where it wants. The cold north, the sweltering Pictish jungles, or the smell of blood and battle metal come off the page to hit us in the face. A designer who “stains” the page so that the reader’s eyes narrow and discover that every shadow counts.

Sangre Barbara is El Torres’ first foray into the worlds of Robert E. Howard, but it won’t be the last, and after a start at such a level, we look forward to what is bubbling up in the Andalusian spirit.

Qualification:: BARBARIAN BLOOD

Url: Karras comics

Author : The Torres

Illustrator: Manoli Martinez

Number of pages : 128

The description : He was a warrior, a mercenary, a thief, a pirate, a looter, a general of kings… and in the end, a king of his own hand. His son carries on his shoulders the responsibility of the kingdom of Aguilonia, the ambition to engrave his name in the stones of history… and the bitter resentment towards his father. Its name is CONAN.

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