Thursday, December 1 2022

On October 8, a new chapter will open at Rochester’s Cooke Park Design District with the opening of the new Med City second-hand bookstore.

Rochester Entrepreneurs Anne and Andy smith recently announced October as the opening day for Garden Party Books at 602 Seventh St. NW.

It is located in the old house of

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, near the Smith’s other business, Gray Duck Theater & Coffeehouse, at 619 Sixth Ave. NW.

The Smiths envision the Second Hand Bookstore as a place to build a literary community in Rochester.

They hope to host book release nights, author events, book clubs, story hours, and craft sessions at the Garden Party. There will also be space for people to work and drink Gray Duck coffee at the bookstore.

“Books are definitely something we love. After Dwell Local closed, we felt the neighborhood was lacking… We tried to recruit other people into the Dwell Local space, ”Andy Smith said earlier this summer. “Then we thought, ‘Why don’t we do something? We thought books were a natural fit, so we took the plunge.

A bookstore appears to be a fitting companion to the Smiths’ two-year-old microcinema and café. Anna Smith has also worked for the Rochester Public Library and Andy Smith has a YouTube channel where he talks about fantastic books.

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