Thursday, December 1 2022
Esteban Bridges inside the current Megastore DVD unit

DVD Megastore and Buttercup Bookshop in Shrewsbury will become a stand-alone store on the mid-level of The Darwin shopping center from December 3.

Both shops are currently based in two separate units of The Collective independent shopkeepers gallery on the lower level of The Darwin.

Estaban Bridges, owner of DVD Megastore and Buttercup Bookshop, says having a physical store will allow him to engage with customers and develop lasting relationships with them.

“I am delighted with the move of my two stores,” he said. “Being located where I am next to iconic national brands like M&S and Primark is truly humbling and an ambition I have had since I started in this industry.

“The management team have always been very supportive of me – when we had to move the store from Pride Hill, they were very excited about setting up The Collective, which is a wonderful business incubation space.

“There’s no doubt that being in The Collective has allowed our growth to continue, which has allowed us to now have our own standalone store within the center.”

Estaban plans to launch the Post-Launch Aspirations Initiative, which will use funds raised from donated items to cover the cost of business management degrees, to support young people wanting to start their own small businesses.

Kevin Lockwood, Director of the Darwin Centre, said: “It’s amazing what Estaban has achieved in such a short time. They are an exceptional retailer and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. He also has an incredibly loyal clientele and I know they will be thrilled when they see his new premises.

“We are particularly proud of the mix of tenants we have at The Darwin and will continue to support our independent and national retailers in their ambitions as much as possible.

“We wish Estaban the best in his new location and are sure he will continue to grow and expand his business with this expansion.”

The Collective has become a destination in Shrewsbury for people looking for something unique, local and special.

The space – which once housed QVC – can accommodate up to 11 independent businesses.

Anyone interested in having a space in The Collective should email [email protected]


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