Thursday, December 8 2022

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

KOZHIKODE: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reiterated on Saturday that the state government is not backing down from its position on the SilverLine project, as he claimed, citing film dialogue, that the state is providing compensation” athukkum mele” (even higher) for those who would be affected by the project. “When land acquisition takes place, not a single person would receive the rate lower than the standard market rate. Instead, double the rate would be granted. Just like dialogue athukkum mele (even more), the rate is set at a higher level,” CM said.
The chief minister was delivering the inaugural speech at the Kozhikode Press Club’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. He also used his speech at the event to criticize the media.
CM, without referring directly to media coverage of the SilverLine project, said the media should not act as a mouthpiece for those who want to disrupt development projects.
He said there will always be someone with vested interests who will try to oppose development projects.
“The media and media people are supposed to act with the future of the country in mind. The media should not give space to those who try to create trouble with vested interests in mind,” the official said. CM.
Vijayan said that when big projects are implemented, there will be obvious problems for some people. He said that every project must be executed when it is time to implement such projects. “When someone becomes ready to oppose such an implementation due to vested interests, the media should not encourage it. The media did not do this before. It would be nice if the media did some soul-searching about it,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that recently a woman was seen protesting with her child and it became news when the police took action against the protesters. The question is whether one should bring children to such demonstrations, the CM said.
CM said the city of Kozhikode has a rich history of journalism even before the pre-independence era. He said that during the pre-independence period, journalists and media faced many threats and tortures. Globalization has had a big impact on journalism and oriented journalism towards business, he added. The time when people blindly trusted the media is long gone, Pinarayi pointed out.


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