Thursday, December 1 2022
The partnership will enable SiteMinder’s more than 33,000 hotels in 150 countries to gain a new ability to reach modern travelers, directly accessing Hopper’s 70 million users.


Open hotel commerce platform SiteMinder has partnered with Hopper, North America’s most downloaded travel booking app, to bring together the benefits of e-commerce and travel fintech on a scale never before previously seen for hotels. The partnership will enable SiteMinder’s 33,000+ hotels in 150 countries to gain a new ability to reach modern travelers, directly accessing Hopper’s 70 million users, 70% of whom are Gen Z and Gen. Y.

Hopper’s appeal to younger travel consumers was driven by the company’s unique use of data to help its users get the best deals. The mobile-focused travel app uses approximately one trillion prizes per month, over eight years of historical data, and billions of archived prizes to create multiple “travel fintech” products that improve the customer journey. This wealth of data allows Hopper to offer its users algorithm-based guidance on when to book a room versus when to wait, as well as the ability to “freeze” a room rate for a small deposit. – two features requested by what SiteMinder has identified as today’s “dynamic traveler”, motivated by new experiences and the need to better control their stay. To enable this last feature, Hopper guarantees its users the “frozen” rate and pays the difference if the rate increases, and offers alternatives if the room becomes unavailable.

Additionally, where online travel agencies commonly use search engines and metasearch to acquire users, Hopper optimizes its reach with younger travelers by almost exclusively using social media, especially newer platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

Hopper’s appeal to younger travel consumers has helped the company grow revenue by more than 300% year-over-year. Today’s partnership with SiteMinder is Hopper’s first since its recent US$175 million fundraising.

“This partnership brings together two aligned visions for opening every hotel’s access to the world of e-commerce and transforming travel through technology,” said James Bishop, senior director of global ecosystem at SiteMinder. “Through our research, we know that today’s traveler is more tech-savvy than ever and demands greater flexibility. With Hopper’s innovative technology, we’re excited to be able to bring more of today’s dynamic travelers to the doorstep of hotels.

“Our guests are young, app and brand-first, but they will become the business travelers of tomorrow, giving our hotel partners a great opportunity to establish brand loyalty now,” said David Lewis. , responsible for the hotel offer at Hopper. “In addition to our apps business, we are now seeing significant sales volume through our Hopper Cloud partnerships – a B2B initiative where other travel brands can seamlessly integrate and distribute fintech and travel agency content. “Hopper’s journeys. Through these partnerships, Hopper is reaching new demographics such as older consumers with more discretionary spending. As we go international through 2022, the partnership with a global leader like SiteMinder is a great asset.”

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