Thursday, December 1 2022
Industrial Yesterday 10:54 (GMT+8)

Recently, the “5th Global Cross-Border E-commerce Festival 2022 and the 7th Shenzhen International Cross-Border E-commerce Fair” was inaugurated with great fanfare at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The world’s leading one-stop offshore compliance service platform, Chenhai Group, along with the growth of its brand sellers, cross-standard cloud, cross-tax cloud, Maiwang, caifuyou, Malacca ERP and cross-border knowledge, have made a collective appearance at the expo, and successfully held a brand offshore compliance summit forum on the topic of “Compliance Defining the Next Decade”. Chen Jiao, chief solutions officer of Chenhai Group, pointed out that the infrastructure of government supervision of global compliance is becoming more and more perfect. The scope of monitoring is operations, products, domestic and foreign finance, tax and customs clearance laws and regulations, and platform rules. Foreign enterprises should establish a comprehensive layout of intellectual property compliance, product certification, finance and taxation, global industry and trade, and taxation in advance to meet challenges. “The compliance operation is the lifeline for the development of cross-border e-commerce.” Liannannan, president of Chenhai compliance research institute, further pointed out that “more and more sellers are beginning to pay attention to compliance management. Chenhai Group will continue to fully experience the benefits of services one-stop compliance services to provide enterprises with more controllable, efficient and cost-effective compliance services.” It is understood that CIC Insight Consulting, a leading consulting firm in China, recently released the industry blue book Global and China Sea Compliance Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the Blue Book). According to Blue Book, Chenhai Group is China’s largest offshore compliance technology service provider and a pioneer of China’s offshore compliance SaaS industry, and has become the first in industry market share of offshore compliance in China in 2021 and the first in the US standard registration industry market share in China in 2021


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