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When one door closes another opens, and this is certainly the case with The Book Company, Del Ray’s new second-hand bookstore turns the page and replaces the Book bank in the old town. The new store opened at 1712 Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray just under two weeks ago.

The Del Ray location is still a bit empty and books and shelves are brought in daily. Readers might find some notable differences between newer and older bookstores. On the one hand, The Company of Books is a non-profit organization and its founder and executive director Rachel Baker wants to use future profits for community events.

“We’re definitely not looking to expand into other places, and our goal is to give back to the community in ways that can be useful and mean something,” Baker told ALXnow.

The book bank, which is a staple in Alexandria that has been selling used books for decades at 1015 King Street, will close for good on September 20. The store will offer sales of up to 50% before closing, and even before discounts, the average cost of a book is $ 6.

There were a few controversy with the new store, as a neighbor of Del Ray, reported that one of his board members was taking books from free small libraries to sell in the store. Baker said the books had been recycled at the small free libraries and she had thousands of books to sell.

“The profit margin of a used bookstore is incredibly small, and it definitely requires volume and you can’t earn income taking books from small free libraries and reselling them,” she said. .

The store will also begin accepting donations of used books on October 15.

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posted by The Book Company, Inc to Saturday 29 August 2020

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